Space Barriers is a simple puzzle game developed by Norcron. It runs on iOS platform for both iPhone and iPad. It was released on 19th May, 2016. The game involves moving a ball along barriers and portals while moving to the final gate. The game requires a lot of thinking and strategy. Each move taken is crucial. The score is higher if less moves are made to complete each level. It is made of quality graphics and a friendly interface. It is easy to navigate through the game. The game consists of 100 levels starting with the beginner level to the expert level. It provides a tutorial to guide the player through different levels. This 1.0 version of the game uses a unique approach of puzzle solving. The game improves thinking while keeping the player engaged, fascinated and entertained.



It is a simple puzzle game but introduces a seemingly challenging experience. The objective of the game is to move through barriers while trying to get the ball to the goal. The player has to unravel these puzzles before the ball reaches the goal. They need to swipe their fingers on the screen to navigate the ball through the walls into the goal. The ball is aimed just by using fingers. The 100 levels provided range from easy to difficult. The ball is easy to move at the beginning but as they advance, the game demands experience and upgraded skills. It is recommendable to score as many goals as possible as the momentum increases. Each puzzle requires time to solve thus requiring more attention. These puzzles can be solved by both children and grownups.



The game requires iOS or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and even iPod touch. It requires a space of 77.3 MB to install. An instruction icon is provided immediately after downloading the game. The instructions are very simple. These are useful in moving from one level to another. The game is designed with high quality graphics. The combination of the graphic effects, colorful display and high resolution make the game fascinating. They make the game to be more realistic. The game is more enjoyable providing the urge to play every time. It is designed using a high-quality background sound. The sound matches with the game providing a unique taste. This also helps in keeping the player entertained and motivated while tackling the puzzles. It is designed with an English language which guarantees world wide use.


-Many levels

-Easy to navigate


-Great graphics and resolution


-Annoying pop up advertisements


-Can lead to depression

The Space Barriers game is a very convenient way to spend your free time while having fun. It is a perfect way to kill free time at work, in school or a bus. The game provides family fun since it can be played by anyone irrespective of their age. The value of the features in the game also surpass its price. The puzzles provide thinking, speed and accuracy training. It helps one to train their mind for mental fitness. The puzzles also keep the mind engaged which make it more fun to play.

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