With the advent of computers and technology, financing and stock trading has never been much easier, usable, functional, and “cool” that iPhone application developer decided to develop apps that are much useful for Stock trading and finance, which could be availed from the iTunes store.

Here are some of the finance iPhone apps,

1. Quick Tip calculator:

This is one of the most frequently downloaded applications with so much ease of access that you will ever think of doing the next calculation using your mind power. You can do calculations with a single tap of your finger.

Download: Quick Tip Calculator


2. Paypal Mobile:

This another free application from the Apple’s stores that you will find as the best possible one to manage your PayPal account using your iPhone that you can now transfer money to and from your bank, send money to other PayPal members with utmost confidentiality and securely. This app also allows you to check the previous transactions made.

Download: PayPal Mobile

3. Bloomberg:

This is one of the best and free applications that are available in the market for international users. The application along with customizable homepage features, which allows you to read any headlines for any business market or Bloomberg category of your choice. So if you want the latest information on Bloomberg, then go ahead download this application and read whatever information you are in need.

Download: Bloomberg

4. CNBC Real Time:

This free application allows you to view real-time quotes before, during and after market hours. Some of the other features of this application are that this is dedicated for financial purposes that you can watch and read CNN financial news, view and manage charts of your watch list.

Download: CNBC Real Time


5. Yahoo! Finance:

This is a free stock reporting application that is being offered by Yahoo finance on your iPhone. The application is as good as Yahoo! finance that you will be using on your computer. There are many things that you can do using Yahoo! finance application like managing watch list, view Tech Ticker videos, research stocks and more than you could imagine!

Download: Yahoo! Finance

6. Chase Mobile:

This free application is necessary for Chase customers. Using this application the customers can conveniently find the nearest Chase branches, ATM, or you can sign into the application to view your credit card bills and/or bank statements, issue payments, transfer money and much more. This is one of the most popular and favorite free banking application that even allows you to make a quick deposit, and take pictures of your online cheques. All you need is to deposit them in the nearest Chase branch.

Download:  Chase Mobile


7. E*Trade Mobile Pro:

This is a free application that connects you to your E*Trade account for trading anytime and anywhere. This is the best place and is the best mobile application that many of the stockbrokers have been using for a long time, the only reason being the ease of convenience.

Download:  E*Trade Mobile Pro

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