You may easily rely on writing down every appointment you have, whether it’s on paper, in the refrigerator’s door, in your car or you may wear jewelry on your other hand so you can figure out that you need to remember something.  For some people, these tactics never work and it is hard to keep up with technology.  However, Remindeo is a program designed to remind you of everything.  With computers everywhere these days, it is easier to log in, open the web application and see all your reminders for the day in less than five minutes.  No matter how important it is, Remindeo ( Reminder Web Application ) will always keep you organized and ready to face the day.

How many times have you forgotten your loved one’s birthday, anniversary or any other important date?  Checking your cellphone or your calendar may show that you do not remember important dates.  Checking through your computer will make things more private and you will seem like you always remember everything on your own.  Remindeo will be your secret weapon when you gather all the birthday dates from Facebook or any other service.

What is a reminder service without text message and email reminders?  Forget about logging into your account if you’re at work or on-the-go.  Set up all the important dates once from your computer and receive everything through e-mail or text message.  You even have the option to write down what you need to know with notes.  Don’t waste post-its or paper unnecessarily; it’s time to find an eco-friendly way to write down what you need to know.

Whether you’re a student, an adult or if you just have a little of both in you, this application is one of the best you can find.  The website is very well organized and, as an added bonus, you get to upload your reminders from your Facebook account, by email or your mobile phone!  How many times have you had so many events going on through your head and you always forgot something.  Even if you forget something minimum, you never know what you may get from your mistakes.

If you have an Outlook Calendar, what are the chances of importing your contacts into reminder applications?  With Remindeo, you can easily do that and much more!  Preset reminders like Federal Holidays and important events like Valentine’s Day are already in the application for free.  You only have to write what you need to do.  In fact, the website has announced preset reminders for Australia, Canada, Brazil, India and even South Africa.

If you’re a cook and you want a more eco-friendly way of writing down your recipes and sharing them, Remindeo provides a free notebook, where you can post your recipes in a colorful way.  There is no limit to the length of the document or the amount of notes you can make.  You also have a great way to set up reminders through an application through your iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and other platforms!  You can also send text message reminders to other people when you have a meeting, a birthday surprise party or any other subject that needs to be sent by text message.  You get 10 free credits and you do need to pay if you want more.  You also get a monthly newsletter where you can find out what’s new on Remindeo.  You can also opt out of these emails if you don’t wish to receive them.  Signing up takes only minutes and email verification is sent to your inbox immediately to confirm your account.  No credit card information is asked, so your information is perfectly safe and you get a free application.

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