Solitaire Time Warps injects a little – no, a lot – of excitement and fun into the much-loved card game, bringing it into the world of casual mobile gaming. With hundreds of uniquely challenging levels, familiar gameplay with new mechanics and lots of things to do, it’s no wonder this game is developing a huge following on iOS and Google Play.

You and your cool-as-a-cucumber feline companion will travel to worlds both historical and mythical. From Atlantis to Ancient Egypt, each world has its own art, music and style, keeping the game feeling fresh as you play. Solitaire fans will find the game familiar enough to understand quickly, combining different version of the game such as Classic, Yukon, Spider, Pyramid and more.

Where the game shines is in the way it introduces new mechanics and obstacles, providing unique challenges in each level. It’s the right balance of solitaire and action. Other side-mechanics like hunting for wild cards and trying to fill your streak meter to increase your rewards provides depth and ensures you never get bored while playing.

Check out the game today on iOS and Google Play!