Platformer games are so impressive and it is a great time killer that would help us relax our way out. All the fun elements comprising the running, jumping and fighting with the enemies add more interest to the game. These games never run outdated and one such game that I enjoyed a lot recently is StretchBot.

Released by M5 games, StretchBot belongs to the action and adventure games category. This action platformer comes with 24 engaging levels across three different worlds. The game has many unique baddies and obstacles with 3 enormously challenging boss fights, 6 different equippable character upgrades, more than 20 achievements to collect and much more.

It is very clear that the team has put in a lot of time and effort to come up with such an awesome game with a perfect story line. The theme is to save the planet from a kid scientist on his mission to power sources that have put the earth in grave danger shattering its eco-stability. The concept of the game is that, you would be Stretch, the steam-powered robot who was left to rot in the junkyard full of unfriendly baddies. As you set out on your way to safety and freedom, you befriend with a group of eco-friendly hackers who work to save our Mother Nature. Your task is to defeat the kid scientist and save the earth from getting destroyed.

The app’s interface is very colourful and pleasing for use. StretchBot has a soundtrack that is fast paced and it fits the game so well. The game has good on-screen controls and neat graphics. You have a lot of enemies to combat with and all of them are very challenging and unique and they add more interest to the game. The game requires you to master a lot of strategic skills to pass each level. The lives you have, your score and power-ups are kept track clearly and displayed on the screen. You will have to replay many times to discover all the secrets and to gather all the goods. Well! You also have a time limit to beat all the challenges.

StretchBot comes for a price of $2.99 and is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. It comes with many in-app purchases where you can buy Tiny Parts Bundle to Giant Parts Bundle at different prices. The app is suitable for all those in the family including kids and adults. The version 1.01 of the game is available in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish

Go On! Download this retro-action platformer. Join the enviro-hackers and help them save the planet before it is too late with our ultimate hero, StretchBot.

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