How often is it that you are completely satisfied with the sleep you had? I’d say, never. It’s always that someone wakes me up before I really wished. “Just few more minutes”, these are the habitual words for me and I’m sure I’m not alone to do that. But you are not the one to be accused. It’s the unscheduled work routine you follow. Sometimes, it’s 9 in the night and you’re in bed and sometimes even the midnight is passed in work. A person can’t wake up at the same time every time. But there needs to be someone to understand that. Not in your family? Then, let’s join hands with a new family member. You can call it, “Smart Alarm Clock”.


Smart Alarm Clock, as the name suggests is an alarm app that is meant to wake you up at the right time. But then, there are so many alarm apps, even in-built in your iPhone. Then, what’s so special about this one? Actually, it’s not the alarm but the sleep algorithm the app utilizes to calculate your sleep cycles. The app records all the activities and sounds during your sleep and plots the details on a graph. This graph shows all the timings when you were sleeping deep or light and uses this to calculate sleeping time of your next day. Suppose if you have the alarm set for 7:30 and the app calculates it to be around 7:25, it will start ringing before because it knows that you had a good complete sleep.


But the idea of waking up with those bells is old and irritating. So, why not to try something sweet and nice, just like your wife wakes you up on a holiday with love. The app has some 20 pre-installed tracks to wake you up. However, you can select any favorites from your music library as well. But what makes this Christmas season special is an addictive offer by the developers of 15 Christmas songs for free on the purchase of the app. These songs can be used as the wake-up call as well.


Though it is not encountered so often, but few people find it difficult to sleep easily. The biggest reason is the ill-maintained schedule which affects adversely the brain senses. So, to calm them down, we often listen to music while sleeping but this therapy no longer works efficiently and most of the time, the music becomes noisy. So, the developers have built something smooth that is soothing to the ears. These chilling tracks include sounds of ocean’s tide, natural rain and some other natural sources of music. These will help you to sleep easily with sweet dreams.

The app interface is beautiful and well designed. Though there are so many features, but none of them is perfect. There are errors encountered in the algorithm, though not much but yes they are. Also, the sounds are of good quality but similar sounds can be found on other alarm apps as well.


The app is available for $0.99 in the App Store. You should not consider the features as you’re already getting 15 Christmas songs. So, the app is just like a bonus, a worthy bonus. But if you still want some extra, you can try your hands on the in-apps purchases.

Pros: good sound quality; sleep cycle algorithm; 15 Christmas songs free; free app.

Cons: lots of features but nothing is perfect.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

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