A caller ID is one of the benefits that consumers feel they cannot live without. However, in most cases, when we receive a call from an unknown number, there is usually no way of finding out who the caller is. In such cases, consumers tend to go for apps on mobile phones that give them the details of any unknown caller. Caller IDs today show the details of the name and place from where the person is calling from. This is as far as they go. Their database is also managed by their customers from whose contacts these names and places are updated frequently. Flash is one type of caller ID that is a full-fledged one, which also gives the user several cool features.

How it works:

Flash has redefined phone calls with its fun and exciting features that allow the user to send pictures and videos to their friends. It also has many unique features that allow one to send hidden pictures that get deleted from the receiver’s phone when prompted by the sender. This is possible through the feature called ‘Hidden Flash.’ You can create hangouts, emojis, memes, and caption pictures and videos using the ‘Hidden Flash’ option.

Features in the app:

Sharing pictures and videos:

You can easily send images and videos to your friends. You can also set passwords to individual photos and videos while sending to ensure that only the person you wish to see it, views it. It also displays your display image on your friend’s caller ID.

Hide pictures:

You can hide your images and video files shared on your friend’s device using the ‘Hidden Flash’ function. It also helps you protect your data from unwanted hackers who manage to get into other phones. You can also send time-limited files that get erased from the receiver’s device once you give the command.

Edit pictures and send messages:

You can add stickers, gif files, or captions to the photos and videos before you send them. You can also send messages to an individual or a group of people and keep the contact active.



Developed by:

Flash App LLC

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