Right Right Wrong Free is one of the knowledge based ios games where you need to guess the wrong answer out of the correct answers. This might be strange but this is what this game is about. Usually, our brain is trained to know or detect the right answer out of the wrong answers in a question. However, you need to do otherwise in this game. The scoring mechanism is such that if you got the answer correct in the first try, you will be rewarded with 100 points. If you got it correct the second try, you will get 75 points. In the third try, you will only be rewarded with 25 points if you got it correct.

There are bonus levels to be gained in the game if you got it correct on the first try in the subsequent levels. This is to encourage the user to get into the leaderboards. However, if you get one answer wrong, you will lose all your bonus levels. If you get a question wrong after the third try, the question will be skipped and you will not gain any points.

The game uses techno music created by the Electro pop artist – The Chronomancer as the background game music so you can enjoy the music while you are playing the game. There are no hints in this game. So you need to choose the wrong answer straightaway as there is a timer counting down to the time you have left. The questions evolve around various categories of subjects like TV, Movies, Video Games, Arts, Science, Mathematics, History, Food and others which will astound you as you progress in the game. You either have the answer or you just need to give out the answer in your head.

After you completed a game, you can post your scores on Facebook or choose play the game again. What I dislike about this game is the advertisements that keep popping up. But this is the case with free games so I just skipped seeing the advertisements. My best score in the game is 2775 with 1000 points as bonus. The other thing I notice in the game is that when you get the right answer, you will be rewarded with a nice soft sound. If you get the wrong answer, you get a bad sound.

I feel this game has a certain appeal to gamers who love techno music. It is different from the usual question and answer games out in iTunes. You can give this game a try if you are fond of such games. I believe this game will be better without the distracting advertisements.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

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