We all know that we are destroying our planet in many ways: pollution, commercial fishing, filling landfills and hunting animals close to extinction as well as many other ways.  The only way to change the world is to change your own ways and to start working towards a better future.  Surprisingly, there are many ways to achieve results without burning a hole in your pocket.  In fact, every remedy that helps the environment can save you a LOT of money.  Once we learn to depend less on fossil fuels, and start by changing the lights in our house, we usually do not notice the savings we get on our light bill per year.

Now with Eco-Bulbz, you can calculate the savings per year without having to grab your calculator.  How does it work?  Eco-Bulbz asks you for the unit cost of energy in (Kw/hr), this is found on your last electricity bill.  The currency can be in USD, Euros or Pounds.  You can also find bulb conversion rates on the settings screen.  With these conversion rates, you can compare how much each type of bulb would spend on wattage.  You are also able to add a new bulb with different watt settings in order to see the conversion with incandescent bulbs such as CFL or LED.

Remember that these incandescent bulbs can cost a bit more than you might have hoped, but they can last thousands of hours more compared to regular lightbulbs.  You should also have in mind that you can get your money’s worth in savings in a year!  The bulbs basically pay for themselves, so make sure to take advantage of Eco-Bulbz.  You can even research this app before you buy it on Twitter and Facebook, just look them up as Eco-Bulbz.

It doesn’t matter how much you use your lights or not, Eco-Bulbz calculates the yearly savings based on an average of 4 hours of usage per day, so if you use your lights less, you can save even more on your electricity bill and provide a remedy for the planet.  If you own companies or businesses with many lights, you can upgrade to the paid version for these unique features.  These companies save even more with an application that is worth almost nothing compared to the savings.  You can also reset settings if you move to a new location and would like to set-up the bulbs again.  This is found on the about section and you can also leave a review on the app.

There is a survey section on this application that explains how much you would save per year, along with your USD, Euro or Pound settings.  It gives you a percentage of savings, which you can later present to the company if you are asked to provide them.  You can send the survey to yourself or others via email if you would like to report it to the company or recommend it for a friend.  The application provides a quick section which asks you the Wattage of each bulb as well as the number of bulbs in your home or business.  Once you scroll the watts and match them with the number of bulbs, the rates appear instantly on your screen.  Remember to choose the settings first and adjust the Kilowatt hour settings when you read your energy bill.   The paid version for this application is ninety nine cents on the iTunes App Store and the savings you will get will cover that cost and provide that extra money you need for trips, savings or for necessary things.  Buy your own Eco-Bulbz app today and show your friends and family the savings they would gain by buying incandescent bulbs.

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