An avid concert fan or sports fanatic will find it hard to keep up with the many events happening around him. Eventsions is a new app, developed by eventsions to track all the events that are currently happening for you. The app will update you on every event so that you will not waste time searching troublesomely or wondering about where you are supposed to go next.

At first sight, the app looks plain and unorganized. However, this makes the app itself very clean and simple. It simply displays all the events that are near your area. You can either zoom out or in of the map to either take a closer look or look at your area as a whole. The easy search function in the app adds to the value of the app, where typing in just the first letter of the event that you are going to will display it. The app will also sort out all of the different type of events for you instantaneously. For example, the ballet logo inside of the app will be featuring a dance event while a guitar logo means that there is a rock concert going on.

Another great and easy function of the app would be the precise and detailed information about that event. Just tap on the logo itself and you will get the time, people performing and more for the event. If you want even more details, just click on the “More Details” button and you will see a photo of the artiste performing and you can even share the event on social media itself. Thumbs up or down if you feel that the event sucks or that the event totally rocked your socks.

If the events around your area are too much for you and they are cluttering up your space, you can filter them to the category that you want. There are more than 50 different genres for you to filter from so be prepared to sieve out those that you do not wish to see.

Calendars are a great way to track events and happenings. This app had also integrated a calendar where you can note the event’s date and time on it so that it will notify you when the date is getting near; great for people with short memory. Without a doubt, most will be travelling to the next state or town for their favorite event. This app will show what’s happening in those states or towns too.

However, I also have a few grouses with the app, eventsions itself. Firstly, it takes too long for the events to load and there are too many events for it to load. Also, the app currently only caters to the United States and Canada only. This meant that you can’t use it when you are visiting in Britain or France, making it useless in those places.


  • Easy and simple to use
  • Filters make it easy to sieve out unwanted records
  • Detailed Information about each event


  • Doesn’t cater to events out of North America
  • Eventsions take too long to load when there are many events

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

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