Black Jack 21 +, the casino card game app for iphone takes gamers away to a happening casino where you must either challenge millions of hidden assets or end up busted. Black Jack 21 + is developed by Smash Atom Software LLC and gets as close as possible to the real world casino delights. With high definition graphics, challenging levels and engrossing casino sounds, gamers are sure to get the feel of an exciting casino while casting their hands and betting on the odds. It is undoubtedly the most advanced and compelling Black Jack game app ever developed for smart devices.

When gamers enter the world of Black Jack 21 +, they are thrilled by the opportunity to play three hands at once on the same table. Each player uses a default cash stock and utilizes the money to place bets and level up. Multifunctional hints and strategies like doubling down, insurance and pair splitting are available along with other useful game options.  A list of the most popular Black Jack 21 + game app features is listed below for easy reference.


  • Black Jack 21 + casino game app version 1.2.0 is compatible with iphone 3GS, 4S, and has been optimized for iPhone5. It is also compatible with iPod Touch (3rd Generation and later), and iPads.
  • The app requires iOS 4.3 or later versions.
  • Black Jack 21 + allows players to have a taste of Las Vegas casino card gamble without putting in any actual money. The sizzling atmosphere of a glamorous casino entices games as they plan their moves.
  • There are 19 different game statistics which allows gamers to quickly compare scores and fine-tune their game plans.
  • Beginners too can cast challenging hands with the help of useful hints that guide them throughout the session.
  • There are multiple saving options to help players save the game at all levels.
  • Intelligent in-app features allow players to alter stake limits and change tables.

  • Seasoned gamers can unlock higher levels as they win more cash points.
  • The app has an interesting game centre which stores scores, and lists of achievement to be won.
  • Dedicated gamers get to win hourly and daily bonuses which keep them ahead of the house.

Summary: Black Jack 21 + lets you play by real casino card game rules. As you maneuver cards and play a mind game, the app lets you master the tactics of the house and let you talk big about your scores and conquests in various social networking sites and share online through game centre leader boards. Black Jack 21 + is the ultimate casino card game that makes you sharpen your casino skills while you can take the game anywhere with you.

The app brings excellent display and is perhaps the most visually awesome app for iphone. It is compatible with iOS 6 also and Black Jack 21 + can be downloaded for free.

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