E-books are a dime a dozen in the Android Market. Each of them has their own different functionality and usefulness. The android application which I am going to introduce today, the Binibook, has its own uniqueness and excellent functions for it to be called one of the top e-books apps for Android.

Opening up this app, you will be able to see that it is simple. Nonetheless, that should not be seen as a disadvantage or weakness as this interprets into easy readings for the elderly or the young. You will be able to see your library first. Even though it might be empty at first, you will be able to fill it out with the BiniBook store. With just a click of the button, you will be able to view the collections they have and download the one that catches your eye. Many categories of books are available by Binibook, from Adventure to stories about the West.

Another great function of Binibook is that they allow you to write for them. If you are an aspiring writer or just someone who loves to write, you can go to their website at binibook.com to publish your writings on the Binibook app itself and online. This allows you to earn some money for the month if you are a great writer and what is better than sharing your work to the world? This function clearly separates itself with other generic e-book apps which just let you read publications.

Props will also need to be given on their books’ format in the Binibook app. On a black background, the white words really pop out with each letter being clearly recognizable to everyone. Some of the works featured on the app are famous too, with works from Ernesto Antonio Parrilla and Joan Abellanda Fernandez

Most books are free as well, as Binibook only mark them up after a certain number of downloads is reached, to give users a taste of the e-book before it becomes commercialized.

However, I do not find it great that most of Binibook’s publications are in Spanish. This gives it very little market share in the English dominated market where most English speaking users do not understand it. The app also contains too little mainstream works, with works like Twilight (a great read for females) and Harry Potter (great for teens and young adults) noticeably unavailable in Binibook. If Binibook makes a concise effort to place more English story books, it will undoubtedly be more popular.

Another thing that I do not like about Binibook is their interface. Even though it is simplistic, it lacks many functions like what other e-books app has like highlighting words or flipping each page over like a real book.


  • Simple User Interface
  • Easy Downloads from StoryStore
  • Able to write for Binibook and earn money
  • Most books are free


  • Most books are in Spanish
  • Too little mainstream works
  • Interface that is lacking of interesting functions

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

Download Link :   Download the App Here