There is only one way to handle work management tools, the creation of jobs, estimates, invoice and receipts; myServiceJOBS. The product has been in the industry for the last ten years leading work order management software areas of specification. This gives the product guarantee you provision of the best and handy in designing so as to speed up the workflow of the professional using the app. myServiceJOBS is another great product of myServiceForce that offers you free and cheap (read; free) solutions for all the works that relates work order management requirements, defined by its simplicity, customer friendly and easy one to use application. From its inception to the end, the product is available and there for you.


Here are the fascinating features of myServiceJOBS:

  1. Electronically Set Appointment

Gone are the days of making a long line to booking an appointment as with the app you have all in your fingertips. In order to meet your customer needs, it is prudent to have a design that creates a digital platform in handling work orders. With the app, you can go and email your customer or give the customer to set an appointment electronically. Generally the app is outstanding and gives you the fluid experience. With the myServiceJOBS app, you manage your appointments in an easy nature and manner. It is easy for you to add an event in your calendar instantaneously.


2.Create Digital Work Orders

The app has the best tools and interfaces that help you create digital work orders. For the work-flows to move swiftly and faster there in need of digital work orders. If paperwork is becoming a nightmare to you, you have a reason to smile as myServiceJOBS app gives you the chance to handle orders on digital platforms. There have been many issues about clients having their documents or orders getting lost daily. Any missing work order means you will spend long hours trying to correct and getting the job work done again. However, with the myServiceJOBS app you are assured of your work orders being on the safe hands and updated.


  1. Generate and Email Estimates and Invoices Straight from the App.

The app is great as you can manage your work orders easily. With the app, you can generate email estimates and the invoices without having to hustle but to use your app. MyServiceJOBS helps you increase the speed of your workflow through high-speed generation of emails and invoices. Time is precious and you need to guard and with this app you are assured of fast, efficiency and effective email estimate and invoices generation. With your credit-card you are able to use myServiceJOBS to collect and send payments via the emails.

  1. Effective Communication With Clients

Communication is paramount in the success of any business. With the app, you keep your clients lively there is need of an active communication. myServiceJOBS is there to bring you closer to the clients. There is no more worrying of non-effective communication as you are assured of your customers getting the right information.

myServiceJOBS app is use by all the service intellects, workers on contract, plumbers, HVAC and all those who are in need of work order management software’s.

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