New social networks are being developed each day. We are making more friends online than ever. The fact is that we barely know most of these people we meet online. Our online world is saturated with friends whom we barely know anything about in real life. Each app narrows down into our interest groups and creates new and smaller groups. This is just the developers way of ensuring the best interests of the users. The real life touch is missing nonetheless. The iOS app ‘Eva- be real’ is here to add that missing ingredient.


Eva is a new social media app that adds a real touch to social networking for you. It essentially helps people share the videos they create in real life. It can be quite tedious to edit pictures with lots of filters or write long statuses just to impress others online. All for nothing. Eva believes in allowing you to post only that which is necessary and real. It is a social network where you only post that which matters. At times, it is simpler and more powerful to post a video about something that affected you as opposed to writing essays about it or posting lots of selfies.


All the content you post on the app is saved so that you can look back at life at a later point in time and relivee all those memories along the way. Laughing about something that happened once in our lives can help us enjoy it all the more. Also, it helps us move on and accept life for what it really is.

Eva is a social network with a host of familiar features such that you will feel at home while using the app even for the first time. to get you started, it has hash tags to help you express yourself. Correspondingly, the search option is easy to use based on the same. You can also save your favourite videos onto your own feed. While the app is based on a social media concept, users can also create a private account just in case they would like to create a personal diary of memories only for themselves.


Texts and photos are a bit out-dated and require a lot of effort. If you are one who believes in the power of videos and chooses them as your medium of expressing yourself, you will surely enjoy this app. It is an app solely based on the power of video sharing in order to keep in touch with friends and family. It gives you a true sneak peek into things- removing any possibility of fakeness, which is quite prevalent on social media today. You can watch the videos shared by others too and stay in touch with everyone that matters about everything that matters.

The Eva iOS app is available for free download in the App Store at present. It is available in English and requires iOS 8.0 or later versions. It is compatible with the iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone. If you are a videos person, this app is just what you need.

Good: Hashtags

Bad: None

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