More recent times it is mostly noted that users attending lot of App Developer’s Conference and checking out number of superlative upcoming fitness apps, they are in the passionate mood for some popular ones more than ever before. They did notice few new fitness apps that hit the App Store; one that particularly impressed was Esquared – Gyms & Studios fitness app developed by Esquared Technologies Limited because of the best features.

If passionate users searching for local gyms nearby without requiring a gym membership, then you can try Esquared Fitness app developed by Esquared Technologies Limited. They are the only place to book on demand exercise classes and premium 2-hour gym sessions in real-time with a local gym near you all without needing a gym membership.

It is conveyed that users can stay fit with their life. Amazingly there is no membership and no commitments. Primarily on demand one could discover flexibility of relevant fitness and search gym sessions in local gyms with exercise classes anytime that are simple. For passionate users anywhere that adeptly suits you. Moreover they can also join persuasive partner fitness clubs in London.

Also there is no contract Gym and no more long-term commitments. One could just sign up with Esquared and they are good to go. Exercise class or gym passes for a 2-hour session in a couple of taps can be booked easily and could receive a check-in code with showing it on arrival later.

The users can efficiently take the work out of booking a workout. Select your day and the facilities you’re searching for. The users can view the venues available and their prices. Later then users could just click on the exercise class or 2-hour gym session that exactly suits you best.

One can also access hundreds of high-quality premium gyms near you. Be it for swimming or spinning, running or rowing, Pilates or power plates the users can go for on-demand fitness classes and gym sessions near you. Efficiently find local gyms near you and sweat your stuff at few of the best fitness clubs in London and soon in the entire UK.

In addition the users also make their session more social. While booking your exercise class or gym workout session, the users could also send an invitation for others to join. With few taps the users would all be training together.

More importantly the users can also rate their session. So when you’ve finished, showered and back to life on the outside, should not forget to rate your experience.

Vital Features of App

  • 2-hour gym passes sessions of premium can be booked and one-off fitness classes’ on-demand
  • No gym membership required, simply pay for each exercise class or workout session
  • Users can gain access to some of the best premium gyms and fitness centres across London
  • Search a gym – Search by location, facilities or type of class
  • You can invite friends and train together

Several classes you can book

  • Spinning classes
  • Yoga classes
  • Pilate’s classes
  • Barre classes
  • Dance classes
  • Boxing classes
  • Swimming classes
  • Resistance Interval Training classes
  • HIIT classes

Do you wish to know about partners? Here are few sneak peaks

  • Anytime Fitness
  • Best’s Bootcamp
  • Chelsea Health Club & Spa
  • Define London
  • Digme Fitness
  • Dolphin Square Fitness
  • F45 Training
  • KXU
  • Manor London
  • MOB 45
  • Ride Republic
  • Soho Gyms
  • Train Dirty London

In conclusion Esquared Fitness app is certainly something that’s so much different on the App Store, which is always refreshing to experience these days.

Worth Having App – Download for IOS