Writing is an art by itself. It is one thing to imagine and another thing to be able to express this imagination clearly in the form of writing. Writing is meaningless without someone to read it. Every skill needs an audience. For writers who wish to be heard and can’t seem to find the right platform to express their imagination, author and developer Jeff Stewart has created the iOS app Prose.

Prose is a new app that provides authors of all ages and writing styles the platform they need to express themselves. It provides a stage for them to write and readers to devour. At the same time, it also acts as a common ground for writers, helping like minds connect to one another. No one looks at their smart phone as a means of expressing themselves or as a way to showcase their talents. On the contrary, it is an excellent platform for the same as a lot of people spend a good amount of time on their smart phones. This is the idea that Stewart has tapped upon to give writers Prose.


While a lot of people are glued to their phones for hours on end, most of this time is not productive. This same time and energy can be channelized into something cognizant. People like to express themselves in the form of writing and some others like to read voraciously. This is what makes Prose so much fun for writers and readers both.

Prose is an app that allows poets, writers and even novelists to compose, publish and edit their works on the go. Once your work is live, other writers then view these and offer positive criticism and comments to encourage you to bloom and grow as a writer. There are also a number of spontaneous activities and writing challenges in order to get writers to know each other better.

The myth so far has been that writers will continue to write irrespective of the opinion of their peers. This is entirely false. People do care about the opinions of others and about what they have to say. People like constructive criticism that will help them better their skills as a writer. Some people go to good extents to incorporate the suggestions of others into their work.

The good thing about Prose is that your works remain yours alone. You own 100% copyright to all your original content. There is absolutely no censorship or restrictions of any kind to keep you from expressing yourself fully. Feel free, imagine and create your own works. it is an excellent opportunity to see your words in published and in print. Prose is to the new Facebook for writers.

The iOS app is available for free download from the App Store. The app is compatible with the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone, requiring 8.4 or later versions. If you like to express yourself and are looking for a platform to do so or if you like reading original works of others, Prose is the perfect app for you.

Good: No censorship, 100% copyright by authors.

Bad: None

Worth Having App – Download the App