With the advent of online maps, people feel so much more secure today. Visiting a new place isn’t all that scary anymore as you always have something to guide you. However, finding your way around some buildings can get tricky at times. Some buildings can really tend to get confusing and make people feel insecure. This is where indoor maps by the  app ‘Cartogram’ comes to your rescue. This app allows you to look inside any casino, supermarket, restaurant, etc.


The best part about these indoor maps is their interactive nature. The user interface is extremely well designed and easy to use. They are unlike the traditional flat, lifeless images that are boring to use. These maps can indeed come in handy during times of need.


Just like outdoor maps, these indoor maps can be updated on the go. You can do this right from the comfort of your smart phone. This can be done using simple drag and drop controls that allow you to edit the maps that show the content inside a building. Just like the outside of a building, the inside is highly dynamic and is bound to change. This is where the updating feature is a must. Anyone can add anything to the maps- ranging from icons to people to beacons to labels to products and more. Once you add it to the map, it will be updated on the server in no time.

Finding someone in a large crowded place indoors can turn out to be quite a huge headache. This is especially true when three or more people are involved and all of them or most of them are new to the place. The problem is to have a high resolution and easy to maintain set of indoor maps that is easy to customise too. An indoor map is not just about a floor plan or architecture. What is important is the elements that constantly change- like activities, people, products, etc. At present, there are no other apps that provide this service besides Cartogram. This was the whole inspiration behind the creation of the service.


Another feature that really comes in handy is that of sharing the indoor location and the map. This makes it really easy to locate a person on a map and find your way to them. An entire map of a business venue can be added within no time- including the products, content, floor maps and more.The indoor search and labelling features make the app all the more easy to use. Owing to the intuitive and fast map management tools developed, the map will always stay up to date, no matter what.

The whole idea behind Cartogram is to create an indoor location service that is scalable and easy to use. The developers have succeeded well in doing so. The app is available for free download from the Google Play Store. All you need is an Android phone with Android 4.1 or higher versions. This is one app that you must try out for sure if you like visiting new places.

Good: Easy to use and maintain

Bad: None

Worth Having App – Download the App