People did notice few new racing games that hit the App Store and Play Store, so they were bit of trying up to do in terms of latest releases. One that specifically caught their eye was Drifting Bike because of the best game play.

You can experience the thrill of motorbike drift in latest motorsport racing game namely Drifting Bike. This game would test your skill to the limit. How far can players perform drifting donuts and burnouts with motorcycle? Is it possible to impress everyone as you rampage through the parking area, facility tracks? So you can play this motorsport game and find out.

How to Play

Tilt your phone to steer your motorcycle to left or right. Meanwhile, you can perform drift, donuts and burnouts with the buttons. For example, you can use your thumb to tap brake and press throttle button to activate drifting mode.

Salient Features of Drifting Bike

  • Includes free race simulator
  • Best realistic and immersive game graphic & sound
  • You can get coins to unlock more bikes and parts.
  • Possible to try your hand at riding low cc scooters and turbo bikes
  • Users can upgrade their motorcycles and customize them
  • You can play from off road to city road.
  • Actively perform awesome motorcycle stunts on your bikes.
  • Quality intuitive and response game control.

Types of Challenge

  • Time Challenge
  • Drifting Challenge
  • 4 different graphics settings – Low Medium High Ultra

This popular motorsport game is addictive and realistic. If players want to experience extreme motorcycle racing game, then it is the game that one must try. Altogether riding a motorbike is definitely more challenging than even the most extreme car driving simulator. It is because the players have to control everything at once namely as your direction, the speed, and how you throttle. In order to succeed as drift racer, players must give their full attention. Finally anyone who loves special racing plan style in their games will surely enjoy what they experience in Drifting Bike that’s for sure.