It’s natural for us to worry about our loved ones, especially when they live alone, far away or when their safety could be at risk. DooriGo makes it easy to check-in with our loved ones to let them know we’re safe and is a valuable tool in case of emergency. This app is available to download on iOS and Google Play now!

The app works by sending the user a text message at a certain time of day, which you can choose. You respond to the text message within a certain timeframe which is also customizable. If you don’t respond within that window of time, the chosen contacts are notified and receive the phone’s last-known location so they can personally check-in to make sure the user is okay.

DooriGo does more than notify close friends and family if the user doesn’t ‘check in’. It also stores encrypted information – such as the location of your will, bank account details, and special instructions such as how to take care of the user’s pet – and makes it accessible to the people you choose. That way, if something bad does happen, you – or whoever is using the app – knows that things will be taken care of by their trusted friends and family.

DooriGo is perfect for the elderly who live alone, for friends and family who are travelling, spouses in the military and anybody who is isolated from their close friends and family.

Know your loved ones are safe with DooriGo – download on iOS and Google Play!