People often feel that they have experienced the best mobile apps that the App Store has to offer, but they’re normally always on the lookout for new mobile app titles that intrigue and surprise, and Gratitude Tipping is certainly one of them.

Gratitude Tipping says it takes the fuss out of tipping across the globe, and it certainly does just that. By using your location, it is possible to identify the country’s acceptable tipping range. Gratitude Tipping App precisely calculates your total bill, inclusive of the tip, based upon the service you have received and the size of your group. Moreover, it also splits the bill so that you and your friends can share the cost.

Tipping supplements people’s income across the globe and it varies from country to country. It’s great that this new app, Gratitude Tipping, does the hard work for you when leaving a gratuity. They locate the country that users are in and, based upon the bill amount and the level of service users received, they tell you how much to tip.

If people wish for more inspiration to travel, Gratitude Tipping’s blog provides information on destinations to visit and information on tipping culture across the globe. They also let you know which establishments are best for groups, which restaurants are best for value and where the service is considered the quality best.

This app is simple to use and helps avoid those socially awkward situations when you just don’t know what’s expected.  Altogether it is a super handy little app as it saves users from committing faux pas across the world. It is a really beneficial app particularly when on a long trip through several countries with different tipping cultures. It also saves the embarrassment of under-tipping someone and actually saves you money from over-tipping too.

It is truly well designed with the traveller in mind and the app is handy, especially abroad, as Gratitude has the knowledge to calculate a suitable tip for each country. Therefore, it is one of the best apps to assist you organise and manage your finances. It also provides a mini travel guide for every country which is useful for frequent travellers. If you enjoyed recent iOS app arrivals then you will love what Gratitude Tipping brings to the table.

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