In the past few years, it’s become difficult for users to find developers who continue to release quality apps that people would purchase without hesitation. Fortunately, Decibel Music developed by eminent Decibel Music, LLC is one of those apps which got appreciation from all corners of users.

Primarily this popular app of Decibel is a music sharing platform that will permit you to share your favorite music with your friends, irrespective of which streaming service they subscribe to.

You can actually show your friends the music you’ve been listening to lately by posting mixes, collections of 3-5 songs, on the quality feed. It is also noted that friends may up vote and comment on the mixes or favorite them, saving them to their own profiles for later listening.

Are you actually sick of the same songs repeating over and over on the radio and at parties then Decibel puts music listening in the hands of the passionate users. The users can hear the music they want to hear. Develop set lists with your friends and listen to songs together in real time. You can also allow a friend play the music from their device, or listen with each other from your individual devices from across the globe. They can stay on the same live beat.

It is also perfect for parties, road trips, events, and hangouts begin a set list to allow your guests pick and vote on songs. So the more that a song gets voted up, the sooner it would be played. In addition you can show off your latest favorites at gatherings and share tunes with friends. If you can’t make the party then listen in from your own device and don’t miss any opportunities.

You can also customize your profile and actively keep track of the music with beloved friends. Also you can also hold onto your headphones, the next big thing in music is here. Finally visually it is adeptly nice to look at and simple to use. It is also quality way to show off your music taste with both Apple Music and Spotify users. Eventually people are glad they picked this one up, because it’s a great app that wholly satisfies in all cadres.