This deceptively simple-sounding game, in which Marty the cat Sherriff has to control traffic in a location where the road users have little or no code of traffic conduct, is actually more challenging than you might think. It has a total of forty-eight levels, which simulate every kind of road condition you could come up with, from dry, dusty roads to icy, slippery roads, and you have to control the movements of a number of different vehicles at once, making sure they avoid obstacles like slow-moving, apparently kamikaze pedestrians, and workmen digging up roads (just like real life driving in fact).


Playing Street Fever: City Adventure feels a little bit like playing a retro arcade game, and a bit like a problem-solving puzzle. If you have ever played racing games, then you know the feeling of high energy, adrenaline inducing intense action involved, and actually, this little game has some of these elements! You have to get to grips with making a kind of strategy for keeping order on the streets, because if you don’t get it right, the roads quickly descend into chaos, as the car drivers don’t seem to have heard of the Highway Code.


To control the cars, you have to tap them to make them stop and with a swipe, you can get them to alter their speed. Both of these actions will get you some extra points, and adds to the adrenaline fuel while you struggle to keep cars from crashing while avoiding the many obstacles, which appear in the roads. There are some neat surprises, like the sudden appearance of helicopters, or an emergency vehicle racing down one of the chaotic roads, and, basically, you are kept on your toes and you need to concentrate on your strategy for each different road type and new level that you encounter.


As for Marty the Cat Sheriff, he looks cute in his shades, but he has a big job on his hands as the cars just keep on coming, without regard to the ambling, meandering pedestrians in their path. The graphics on this game are bright, vibrant and continually interesting, and along with the “cowboy” sounding soundtrack, they create a kind of addictive experience when you have been playing for a while.

It is actually quite stressful trying to keep track of all of the different elements of this game, which will attract those who enjoy a high adrenaline game. It is also excellent for kids to play, as it increases both their problem-solving abilities and their concentration skills, let alone keeps them amused for hours while you are travelling!

You can invite your friends to play this game along with you using Facebook, where you can use the friends ranking system, and check out your game score rank using the Facebook leader board. Well done Meow Studios, this game is simple, yet challenging, addictive and fun. Available for IPhone, IPad, and IPod Touch, and it needs iOS 7.0 or later.

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