There have been lots of dating apps making their way into the App Store and it seems like the summer is going to be very hot this season. Dating is no more banging on to every girl you see and ending up the relationship after the first line of conversation. Most of the times the ideas of the two souls don’t match much like if they’re opposite to each other and mating in this case happens only in movies. So it’s better to date a girl only if there’s a common bond of interest between you two. Following the same concept, a new app has just arrived in the market and it’s our duty to check it out for the sake of you.


Canoodle is the iOS app that I’m talking about. The app has been developed by Cupid plc. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and requires iOS 4.3 or later version of the OS. The app has also been optimized for iPhone 5. It saves a lot of time for you by fetching you all the contacts near you that share the similar interests and are looking for someone like you.


The main reason for an app not becoming successful is the lack of a good start and the developer has come out with a very good solution for this. Normally what happens is you tell your requirements but due to fresh start it’s difficult to find people who meet the same. So the developers have roped in Facebook to sort out this problem. You have to login to your Facebook account and then the app automatically searches all the people around you with the matching interests. Then these people are plotted in the app along with their location.


Personal messaging and winking expressions seem to be good starters before the main course. Start chatting with anyone you like and if things go well, who knows she might be the last and final crush of yours. Also the homepage is the house of all the latest updates in the world. So you’re not limited to a particular topic for conversation; you can expand them all.  The interface is user friendly as well as decent for a dating app. There are no flashing items that distract your attention neither is it so dull that you hide it from your eyes. The navigation is simple with slider controls and the overall design is very good.


Like most other dating apps, this app is also free to install but includes paid subscription packages for accessing it. The prices are affordable with $9.99 for a month. The app has many more features that you’ll discover yourself and you can subscribe to their one week pack of $3.99 for checking them out. But if you’re looking for something totally free, you may have to change your route from here.

Pros: user friendly interface; useful integration of Facebook; easy to find friends and dates.

Cons: subscription packages are a little costly.

Apps400 Rating :  *  *  *  *

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