While everyone’s not lucky to afford a world tour, you can certainly take a look at the world via World Wide Web. It can take you to any corner of the world and not just earth but the outer space as well. So are you ready to start the journey? But wait, do you know the right platform from where your flight will take off? Do you know if it’s trust worthy to give you the best experience? By the way, what cuisines do you have on offer in the flight? Of course, when there are so many questions regarding the best flights to take off, why not for the websites you visit daily! All of us know that Wikipedia is the station to stop by if you need information regarding anything, but if you’re looking for best food restaurants in New York, you should know a trusted address to knock the door at.


PickWEB is the latest iOS app that has been developed by Aleksej Alekseenko. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and requires iOS 4.3 or any later version of the OS. The app has also been optimized for iPhone 5.

PickWEB is a web directory of all the websites sorted under different categories. There are three different sections: catalog, links and search. Under the catalog section, you can find all the different categories. Suppose you are looking for a gambling website. So first you go for the entertainment section and under that tab, you can find the gambling tab. As you tap on it, a number of screenshots of different websites will open up. Tapping on any screenshot will enlarge it and you can have a good look at how the website looks even when you’re offline.

In the Links section, there are groups of links such as Most visited, Social Networks, YouTube, Favourites, Wikipedia, etc. So, this section contains the filtered results so that you can find them faster. In the Favourites, you can add any new link from the catalog. In the Search section, you can type your query and select the search engine you want to use for the search.


The results for each category are not automatic but selected manually. According to the developers, these results are updated regularly and therefore you’ll get best results every time. If Orkut was famous today, but tomorrow’s trend is Facebook, then they’ll make sure you get Facebook on your listing. This regular update will surely be a key factor about the app’s success.

Overall, I find the app very easy to use and having enough customizable features to suit up for everybody. The categories cover everything from business to culture. But there can be more to it. If user reviews are allowed for the websites, then it’ll increase user interaction as well as allow one to go for the best website at the first shot. By the way, the app is available for free in the App Store.

Pros: intuitive UI; many categories and sub-categories for easy search; check favourites, most viewed and popular links; free.

Cons: user reviews should be added.

I will give this app 4 out of 5 stars.

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