If you want a blast from the past, try these 9 free retro games that you can play on your smart phone.

9. Pong: One of the Earliest Arcade Games

Atari released Pong as an arcade game in 1972. It’s about as simple as a game can get. Two players compete against each other by using cursors to knock a square icon back and forth. Whoever misses, loses.

Several Pong apps exist, but it’s hard to beat the free Ping Pong on Android.

8. Pac-Man + Tournaments

Pac-Man brought color and thrill to the arcade world. Pac-Man + Tournaments lets you play the original version. It also gives you access to new board shapes, colors, and even tournaments so you can play against others.

One of the best things about Pac-Man is that it never ends. You keep playing until you lose all of your lives. That’s the frustration and thrill that kept kids pumping quarters into the arcade game throughout the ’80s.

7. Frogger: Not as Easy as it Looks

When Sega debuted Frogger in 1981, Frogger looked like a pretty simple game. Then players found that it’s surprisingly hard to get a frog across a busy highway without going “splat!” Once across, your froggy character has to hop on turtles and logs while avoiding angry snapping turtles that will swallow him in one bite.

Players still root for the frog on this smartphone version.

6. Tetris Keeps Your Mind Sharp

Tetris’ catchy music has been carved into the minds of a generation. Now you can match building blocks on your smart phone with the free Tetris app. Players still love this single-player game because it becomes increasingly more challenging. You’re compelled to try a little harder each time. That makes it completely addictive.

5. Sonic the Hedgehog Keeps You on Your Toes

Who could forget Sega’s iconic Sonic the Hedgehog? Sonic games come in free and paid versions. If you want the total experience, spend a few dollars. If you just want a few minutes of speedy play, then the free option will suit you.

4. Video Slots: Test Your Luck!

Video slot machines replaced most mechanical slots decades ago. That makes both of them rather retro. When you have an app from an online casino, you can test your luck by playing your favorite video slot games on the go.

3. Asteroids: Bring Back a Classic

Asteroids is a true classic that managed to combine minimalist graphics with challenging maneuvers. AstroBlast keeps the spirit of the original while adding few extras, such as uniquely shaped asteroids and the option to create your own levels.

2. Space Invaders: Kill or be Killed

Here’s another game that takes a simple concept and makes players devote hours and hours to racking up more points. There are a few mobile apps that emulate Space Invaders. Retro Cosmos is one of the best free options. It has all of the images and sounds that players enjoyed in the ’80s.

1. Doom: The Original First-Person Shooter

Doom was one of the original first-person shooter games. If you like blasting aliens, it all started here. There are several free mobile versions. If you want more boards and options, spend a few dollars.

What other retro games do you play on your smart phone?