Soul Mate is an ios application catered for couples and singles. The Call, Message, E-Mail, LoveAlbum, Talk, Diary functions can only be used if you have a girlfriend who has the same application. Somehow, the application allows you to talk and communicate through the same application installed on both your iPhones.

The How-To-Use instructions are written in Korean. This can be a disadvantage to the native English speaker if he does not know how to recognize Korean words. Furthermore, there are no instructions written in English. This application seems to cater only to Korean people. The “FindSoul” feature allows you to search for a girl or boy who is finding their love partners. But, this feature seems to be taking very long time for me when I am using in Singapore. The application supposed to find someone suitable for you in the vicinity where you are located. It fails for me as there are no users of Soul Mate where I am located.

Some of the icons inside the application are actually links to the developer’s new applications.  For example, “Non-sense”, “Brain”, “Blah Bah”, “Korea Word Online” and “Harmony” are actually links to the developer’s applications. The average user can mistake these icons for extra functionality but when he taps on them, he gets redirected to the iTunes App Store. It is better for the developer to list these icon links at the bottom of the screen to make a clear distinction between functionality and links.

This ios application strongly relies on the fact that you have a girlfriend. However, the search function is somewhat not working. Your best bet is to find a girlfriend in reality and persuade her to use the application to communicate with you. If you really do not have a girlfriend, you can still use the functions like “Schedule” which is a calendar and the Memo to take down notes. There is a fun game called “AirCap” which allows you to poke air bubbles in limited amount of time. This game can help people to distress themselves. You can also take photos using this application.

The iphone application allows you to take photos using a camera application and lets you store them inside the “MyAlbum” icon. You can tap on “Danawa!” to find certain photos in your “MyAlbum” given certain criteria. I will strongly recommend this application only to couples and users of “Kakaotalk Messenger” as the application works straight out of the box for Korean users.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

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