Due to the costly nature of Macs, one will realize that they have always been prone to theft or getting lost unexpectedly. This tends to pose a great threat to the owners of Macs with regard to the safety of their devices. In most cases, Macs are loaded with data that require to be continuously protected; any loss can be a major blow to the owner of Mac o even to organizations that use such devices. Apparently, there is no need to worry anymore! Things have been made much easier and efficient by the high-performing Track My Mac app.

Actually, this app supports and enhances faster tracking of Mac through using a mobile device such as iPhone. As convenience is guaranteed, so is also the chance of regaining back of the lost Mac! Besides, this app goes ahead to bring out coordinates of the Mac’s location using Google location services. This implies that the thief will be easily located with the help of iSpot photo that is transmitted to the owner’s compatible device.

Functionality of Track My Mac App

How is the operation of this incredible app? The initial step that the user will undertake involves getting the app, downloading it and then installing. It then becomes ready to function in the best way. The user will then be required to install and integrate the Anti-theft feature that is found within the MacKeeper. Using the verification details from the Track My Mac App, the Anti-theft can be linked with it and get activated. It is also critical to ensure that the Location Tracker is in active mode together with the internet connection. This should be done in order to facilitate up-to-date information in relation to the current location of the Mac.

Note: Any internet service accessed by the thief of Mac will prompt Anti-Theft feature to release a report based on that location together with the photo of the thief.

Any entry of wrong password by an unauthorized person or intruder will result to generation of a Locked Screen Report together with a quick photo of that person being captured. The owner will instantly be notified through iPhone and quickly track the intruder.



When it comes to the issue of compatible devices for Track My Mac app, it functions absolutely well on iPod Touch, iPad and iPhones which possess operating system iOS 8.0 or any latest version.

This amazing version 1.0.1 of Track My Mac App has incorporated great features that uniquely identify it. They include the following:

· Easily locate Mac on the Map

This is a feature that is facilitated by the location tracker which enables one to get continuous current information about the Mac. Keeping an eye on Mac will always ensure that it remains safe and secure.

· Get Generated reports as evidence

Getting the actual facts about the occurrence of an incidence will always make one to swiftly win the case. In this case, the reports produced together with the snapshots will provide unquestionable evidence of committed crime.

· Effective spy lock

Its purpose comes out well when someone tries to tamper or access another person’s Mac without permission. Once it detects wrongfully placed passwords by an intruder, it captures their image and sends it directly to the owner who can access it through the iPhone.


· Link many Macs to the Track My Mac

This can happen especially in the business environment or even at home where one can interconnect all the Macs into this app which can consistently monitor them. This is something worth trying out!

· Efficient screen locker

Actually, the locking and unlocking feature can also be effectively applied using the screen locker. This can help one to lock the screen anytime, anywhere without necessarily being physically present provided there is internet connection.

The following includes the Pros and cons identified in the Track My Mac app


· Seamless connection of many Macs

· Easy way to track down culprits

· Gives peace of mind in relation to Macs

· Incomparable performance exhibited

· Great experience and lessons learnt


· Appears like duplication of Apple’s programs

· Accuracy level on coordinates are not stable sometimes

Final Verdict

There are many designed apps in the market destined to give security to different gadgets. Unfortunately, most of them have not been able to achieve that intended purpose. Track My Mac app has outwit such apps to give exceptional performance that has left customers excited, fully satisfied and with great gratitude for assistance offered. Why not be part of the team that enjoys such quality experience? Don’t miss out. It is the best time to get it and get covered today!

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