Today is the trend where businesses are all on the track to go mobile rather than being on desktops. Things have changed a lot in fewer years with the evolution of Smart Phones, which are on the higher demands right now. The actual purpose of using mobiles is to make calls, which got to rapidly change from sending MMS to browsing internet, playing games, listening videos and audios, and now to object recognition and much more. If there could be any technology to have witnessed a sudden growth, then it must certainly be the mobile technology. It is completely the  mobile apps, which has taken the mobile industry to some greater levels.

Each year, more than a couple of Android devices are being launched and each day an android app is being released. It is with the Android apps, an android device is made complete and it’s been like the evolution of apps just took place but within which it has touched a number more than 40,000. The download rates of android apps taken place so far range around a billion.

Be it for a business, books, entertainment, games, browsing or anything, an android app is there to serve the purpose. And, in this post you will be knowing about few important apps which fall under the business category. Businesses are finding apps a better way for enhancement, with which there is always a score. A number of business based apps have come out so far for Androids. Right from email allowances, apps are there for expense tracking, on-the-go invoicing, social media updates, fixing appointments, timetables and many more other requirements of a business owner. Any business owner would wish to access his documents and functions from anywhere, anytime. In this post, you will get to know about the five most featured business – android apps that are ultimate for any kind of business you are up to!


MobeCommerce is an android app for eCommerce web store developed by Contus. This business application lets you to manage your eCommerce store with flawless accessibility and navigation, thereby optimizing the store to your android. Any individual using this app will find their shopping experience easy and effective through their Android powered smartphones.

Pocket Cloud

Pocket Cloud from Wyse technologies is a remote desktop application that provides secure remote access to a Mac or Windows desktop from your Android phone or tablet. You can access your files, photos and applications, like by means of PowerPoint and Photoshop.

Document To Go

This android application from Dataviz allows you to view and edit Microsoft Office documents in an intuitive interface. In addition to working with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint items, you can also view PDF files.


TouchDown is a nitrodesk product that enables you to sync with your Exchange Server to get corporate emails, contacts, calendar and tasks on your Android device.

Salesforce Contacts

Salesforce Contacts from Contus allows the salesperson to sync their customer contacts with their smartphone contacts. This app Works with Salesforce Sales Cloud and paves way to realize improved efficiency of your sales targets and Salesforce management.

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