win8vsosxA few weeks before, Apple was seen releasing its latest version of OS X Mountain Lion, whereas Microsoft was seen coming up with Windows 8 last year. If you compare the two in terms of look, feel and features wise, both seem to be similar in many ways. Both are seen adapting and focusing on the idea of mobile focused computing ecosystem. Though Windows 8 can be termed as a complete product in itself, yet Microsoft has the potentials of surprising the world by adding some of the most interesting elements in it. Right now, both the operating systems are capable enough to lure the mobile device users to a great extent. However, which one is the best only comes when you compare the two with each other. Let’s do that:

The mobile focused computing ecosystem

Both the operating systems have the same goal of making a more contemporary operating system in this fast turning mobile world. Hence both the brands have put their efforts to develop a tangible ecosystem over their respective OS. Though the goal is same but the approach applied by the two seems to be different. Apple went one step ahead by integrating some of the best features of iOS in this current OS version, it has OS X Notifications, messages, Launchpad and multi finger gesture features, which help in getting additional senses. Looking at Microsoft, it has adopted the traditional approach of creating a completely new operating system. However, it still seems to be unique, when the Windows 8 OS employs hot corners, which helps in activating features including the Tablet UI, a multitasking bar and Charms.

The social and sharing features

Both the operating systems have improved the integration of social and sharing features. Apple has a built-in sharing feature in the OS but it seems to be basic in nature. You have the options of Tweets from the Safari, Notification and various other applications. Safari does the sharing thing for Messages, emails, or Twitter, however, the option of Facebook seems to be coming soon in it. On the other side, the approach of Microsoft seems to be simple to use, which gets activated by Charms Menu that helps in sharing different applications that is automatically populated by the Windows. In developer’s point of views, the sharing feature of Microsoft seems robust as compared to the OS X Mountain Lion.

The cloud integration

For the cloud, both the OS have their own approach, which is very much different to each other. Apple is seen hiding the complete file system from the users unlike the way it did in iOS, whereas the Sky Drive of Windows simply function like Drop Box wherein you can see visible file systems. With iCloud you can sync a number of pictures, contacts and documents, which has limited amount of features. You will not find any kind of synch for videos and calendar sharing is very much tricky with it. Also, you will not find any file structure, hence it is good for people who do not care about the file system but for advance level users, it can be both confusing and frustrating. In nutshell, the cloud integration in iCloud can be termed as a syncing service in OS X Mountain Lion whereas the SkyDrive in Windows 8 is basically a storage locker for different files. Hence it’s the users who are going to decide, which is better.

Final word

It is interesting to see how these two leading brands have brought the newer operating versions with different approach. However, which one is better is completely the choice and requirements of the users as both have their own strengths and weaknesses.

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