When using your phone, it is easy to reach for the same apps every time. This, therefore, means that app developers are having to do more to stand out on the app market. This, in turn, has produced some of the weirdest and wonder apps around that you may not have known existed. In this article, we will be providing you insight into some of these apps we believe you should have on your device for a bit of fun in 2020.


If you are in the mood to learn then can do no better than Duolingo. Unlike other tools that allow you to learn a language, Duolingo is a completely community-based learning network that provides you access to an abundance of languages completely for free. With several languages being added as well as several easy to follow lessons it has never been easier for you to learn a new language using a smartphone. You can download this for free and even compete against your friends to be the top of the leader board every week.

I Am Bread

Another app that you never knew you needed is the oddly addictive I am Bread. This is the epic journey of a piece of bread on a mission to be toasted. This is by far one of the most unusual games that you will play in 2020 but it is also one of the most entertaining. This app is available on iPhone and iPad and is a game that will keep you entertained for hours. The odds are completely in your hands in this one and you get the rush similar to other mobile gaming sites where the odds is the determining factor of your success in the game, yet out of your control. I am Bread brings all this fun and joy in a handy fast running application. 

Paper Racing

Another weird and wonderful app that you never knew you needed is Paper Racing. This simple but satisfying game combines competitiveness with the perfect balance of strange and oddly addictive. The game aims to get the fasted time of pulling the toilet paper off of the role. This is one of the most random applications on this list but is great fun to keep you satisfied if you are limited on time.


For those that are struggling with maths, you are in look. PhotoMath is a handy little app that allows your smartphone to help you solve numerous maths questions all in one place. This award-winning app has had over 100 million downloads and is seen as the number 1 app to help teach maths. When scanning the question, it will give you the answer as well as the solution. This can then help young people to learn maths and study in a new and exciting way. This can be downloaded and used for free on both Android and IOS devices. 


The final app that is amazing for bookworms out there is Libby. This is an app built to work alongside your local library and allow users to borrow and return a wide range of audiobooks on your phone. This is a completely free service and only requires you to make an account and register your library card. You can then enjoy all the audiobooks that you want all in one place making it ideal in the long term. This can be used again and again whenever you feel like it, allowing you to enjoy a new book each week if you wish.

With this in mind, several applications on the market can help you in every way possible that you may not even know existed. Which of these will you be downloading onto your smart device this year?