Mobile phone technology has been rapidly progressing in the last decade. Remember when Motorola Razrs were the phone to have? In comparison, the iPhone is worlds beyond. One of the most steadily advancing features of the mobile phone is the graphics card within them. This is great news for gamers. Here are 4 reasons mobile games might eventually replace consoles.

1. You Can Game Anywhere


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Today’s smart phones allow you to connect to the Internet with Wi-Fi and 4G technology. Subsequently, challenging your friends to a favorite game can be done on a work commute, from a café, or skipping the PC altogether and playing from your favorite chair.

In addition, many game apps are available for iOS, Android and Windows systems and once the games are downloaded, you don’t need an Internet connection to play — hours of fun are guaranteed.

2. You’re Taking Advantage of Interactive Connections


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With a new mobile device and an Internet connection, you won’t miss the opportunity to accept a game challenge from a friend, and you can send one too. You don’t have to be in front of their desktop to enjoy interacting with game buddies. Your connectivity becomes vast, allowing you to invite others to a new game you’ve just tried and send texts or participate in instant chat.

According to a survey by MobiThinking, a whopping 61 percent of people play some sort of mobile game online. And, it’s not just puzzles, word or strategy games. Mobile games run the gamut from MMORPGs to FPSes and more.

For example, online casinos enable smartphone users to play online slots, roulette, poker and a variety of table games — even Keno or Bingo. Games like these are making mobile security a non-issue for participants due to the fact that they use encrypted SSL layers to ensure account and credit card information is safe.

3. You’ll Get Upgraded Technology


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Smart phone manufacturers are paying attention to mobile gaming trends; as a result, they’re implementing tech features in phones so users gain the optimal gameplay experience. According GiffGaff’s review on the five best smartphones for mobile gaming, many devices are enhancing the gaming experience via improved technology.

Some of this gameplay technology includes:

  • Quad-Core NVIDIA Tegra chip and A5 chip technology
  • Bigger hard drives
  • Larger screens
  • Retina displays and high-pixel density
  • Ability to connect to Xbox or PlayStation
  • Memory card upgrades

And, with technology ever-growing, smart phone manufacturers are integrating mobile gaming features and specifications into their research and development plans.

4. You Get Price Savings

 mobile 4

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While console and computer games tend to run in the $50 dollar range or higher, many mobile games are free or low-cost (usually around $.99). As a result, you’ll save money and still be able to experience the same level of exciting gameplay.

Gamers are in a constant state of anticipation, new to come out to test their skills and challenge others. Upgrading your mobile phone will improve your gaming experience so be sure to compare phone features to gain the benefits you desire most.