If you are not one of those Facebook freaks, you would be surprised by the amount of time users spend on the popular social networking site. Networking means a lot to today’s Internet world. Finding who is doing what, getting to know the latest in the other part of the world, sharing all that you know and have, are fun activities.

How about adding funny effects to your photos? Did you know that there are several applications on Facebook that would let you edit, add effect and enhance your photos? These apps are capable of adding color to your Facebook photos and making them more enticing and exciting.

Here are the top Facebook apps that can turn your boring photos into more exciting ones.

1.  Photo Tag

This app of Facebook is capable of adding custom speech bubbles along with other funny items on your photographs. The app allows you to work on as many photos as you like. It is also capable of tagging your friends while you take photos and share them with other people on the web.

  2. Photoeffects

The name says it all. The app can help you apply lots of effects on your Facebook snaps and also share them with your family and pals. There are more than 81 photo effects to choose from with the help of an easy interface.

 3.  Your Baby Photo

Again the name represents the app perfectly. You can ‘babify’ anybody’s photo to make it look as if the photos were shot when they were babies. This is a fun app as you can take each of your friend’s and family’s photo and turn them into babies and see how they look.

 4.   Blast Your Photo

This is a cool app that will make you look as if you are gargling with Listerine. Simply take a plain photo and run it through the app to turn it into the above mentioned status. The app is one of its kind that is simple to use, yet very funny. It can attract lots of people when you turn their ordinary photos into round-mouthed ones.

5.   Phixr Photo Editor

Whether it is simple cropping to resizing, adding speech bubbles or removing red eye, getting rid of photo noise or adding other tools and effects, Photo Phixir can do them all for you. This is a web browser plug-in attached to Facebook.

6.    Lunapic

The Lunapic  is a cool and easy app to edit Facebook photos with a single click. You can select a number of effects ranging from crop, cut, sharpen, blend, rotate and also add some cool animation effects. And what’s more? You can add effects to your friend’s photos as well.

  7.  Fotoflexer

This is a powerful photo-editing tool for your Facebook. It is also one of the most popular and favored application among Facebook users.  You can create funny and cool greeting cards, rotate, crop, enlarge, distory and cartoonify your photos and your friend’s photos too.

 8. BW Photo

The purpose of this application is to mainly convert your color images to black and white ones but it can also give you other cool effects like shadow, sepia, saturate and do more.

Thought it is no more the days of black and white photos, it is still fun to see them all in the old format and imagine yourself to be in the golden era.

Photographs are one of the coolest things with which you can bring back your sweet old memories. When you can edit them in Facebook with the help of these cool apps, there is nothing like it.

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