Nike Training Club

This app produced by Nike is intended to provide your very own remote personal fitness trainer, by offering a total of 60 different exercise regimes. There are a number of pluses when it comes to this app, including the fact that it is pretty comprehensive in terms of the fitness training offered, it is free and provides a useful way to structure an exercise regimen.

However on the downside, it may prove less appealing to men than women, as it is undoubtedly geared towards the latter; requiring users to set up an account with Nikewomen if they want access to the complete rewards range available. If you can get beyond this however, the actual exercises provided are unisex.

Yoga Stretch

This app was created by Neil Harris and, in a way, it is similar to the Nike app in that it allows you to plan and structure exercise schedules for yourself rather than having to pay a professional instructor to do this for you. However, this app is focused entirely on yoga and provides suitably calming music – although if you dislike the tunes provided with the app, you can import your own to use with it. It also comes with a relaxing voiceover for each of the different yoga positions.

The only real downside of it, is that you will likely need some kind of stand for your mobile in order to be able to see it, because if you are able to hold your mobile and look at the screen while contorting yourself into the yoga positions, you should probably consider applying to Britain’s Got Talent.