Millions of people from across the world are using trade platforms to invest and earn money and build successful trading careers. Platforms such as Forex have enabled people to trade in currencies and participate in an exchange market which was previously open only for hedge funds, banks, multinational corporations and state entities.

Most other trade platforms will trade in stocks, as well as commodities but the general rule is that you will need to deposit money to fund your account and start trading.

Trading software can be an excellent way to earn money relatively fast, however, most beginners will have a hard time figuring out how the markets work. There are also significant risks involved, as the markets can be quite volatile.

To help you avoid some of the most common mistakes, we bring you five useful tips you need to know before you start using trading software.  Open a share dealing account, If you want to buy shares in companies in the UK or abroad then share dealing lets you do it.

Know What You Want

You will need to be driven and determined in order to succeed in the world of online trading. For starters, you should choose a market to trade. These include stocks, futures, and Forex. Each market is specific and has different demands and varying degrees of risk. Stock trading is relatively straightforward but unlike Forex which is limited to currency pairs, there are far more alternatives.

Account Funds

Depending on the trading platform, you want to use, you will have to deposit a certain sum of money when you open an account. Some platforms require a minimum deposit in order to start trading. The minimum deposit for opening a Forex account is $100 while the initial deposit required to fund your Etrade account is $500.

If you decide to open a Forex account and choose an initial deposit of $100 you will risk only $1 per trade. We recommend you start with smaller sums if you’re a complete beginner. Also, keep in mind that you will always need to have funds on your account to open trades.

Open a Demo Account

For beginners, an ideal way to start is by opening a free demo account where you can learn how the platform works with no risk involved. Some experts suggest that you should stick to using a demo account even up to a year before you can start trading real money.

Don’t Forget About the Risk Management

Careful risk management is the key to success in online trading. While using trade platforms can be a great opportunity to make a profit, it can also be very risky. There is a possibility you will lose your deposit, and in case of Forex, you can actually lose more.

For proper risk management, start with realistic goals, have a strategy and most importantly, don’t panic. At some point losses are inevitable. If you want to succeed you will need to be patient and never react emotionally.

Do Your Research

A basic knowledge of the market is a must if you are to start your trading career successfully. It means you will need to learn and improve on a daily basis. Always keep in touch with the news, market trends, and forecasts. A good idea is to read experts analysis and see how they fit with your goals and strategy.

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