Android is by far the most popular choice of operating system to date as far as smartphones and tablets are concerned. There are apps to meet any kind of requirement. With the number of apps mushrooming day by day, there are many sources that can help you keep yourself updated about the latest and/or trending apps. While some of these sources highlight apps of a specific category, there are quite a few of them that give information about apps across multiple categories. To get started, the following are a few places that can give you a list of Android apps as and when they are released.

Google Play or Play Store

Without any doubt, this is undoubtedly the best and most easily accessible resource for new apps. An integral part of any smartphone, all you have to do is to check out the New + Updated Games section under the Apps & Games category. It will get a huge list of the newly released Android apps and also the existing apps that have been updated, along with their user ratings. This vast storehouse has a multitude of apps spanning various categories. While some of the apps here are available only for purchase, there is also a relatively large collection of free apps.

This useful website is definitely a good choice if you want to know of recently launched apps. Added to this, the reviews of various apps help you make an informed decision on whether they are really worth the download and installation on your Android handset. This website also lists the trending or most sought after app for a month. This website is a pretty good choice for not just Android smartphone users, but also for those who prefer iPhones or iPads. Like the Play Store, this online resource provides details of apps in various genres.

True to its name, this website gives inputs on the new and best sports betting apps for various platforms like Android, iOS and even Windows. Thus, if you are a casino lover, there is absolutely no reason why you must stay away from this website. If you stay tuned to this website, you are sure to know of the latest apps with which you can try your luck on sport betting games. But, if the bets involve placing a huge amount of money at stake, it is advisable to use such apps with discretion. This can help you avoid becoming flat broke.

Tech Radar       

This online resource is definitely a well-known name among smartphone users. The website has a team of dedicated writers that give excellent write-ups about review of the new and best apps for Android. Apart from apps, you can rely on this website to help you learn about the most recent gadgets or devices, as well as upcoming products. As a bonus, you may also find solutions to problems pertaining to your smartphone.

PC Mag

This was once a printed physical magazine that is now available only in online format. However, this has not stopped the website from providing a plethora of details on technology related products. The magazine also comprises a committed section for apps. This section focuses on keeping users aware of new apps, app related articles and app related queries.