It is pretty hard to find games which combine the 3 dimensional capabilities of an Android device and endless fun of a great game. However, the game which I am going to introduce to you, the readers, today will certainly help you sate the hunger for those kinds of games on your Android device. I introduce to you – RoboFail.

Let us get into the game for starters. Created by Code Noctis as their first game, RoboFail adopts a simple policy of shooting various weapons to robots being produced on a conveyor belt. There are many kinds of robots in the game, each that will give out points depending on your weapon used. For example, red robots only give out points when you use exploders, ala explosive mines. There are 3 types of weapons available which are the catapult which shoots rocks, explosive mines which will explode after a while and a laser which is very precise with its targets. There are also 3 types of robots, namely the Magnetoid (which creates very nice effects when combined with lasers and explosive mines), IBomb (explodes when hit) and Armor (takes a lot to bring him down). One last thing to note is that you are not supposed to hit green robots out of the conveyor belt; hitting them will result a deduction in points, awful for those aiming for the top score.

There is a “score to beat” just above your score. This is the high score which the previous user had achieved, giving you a record of what to beat in order to be the next high scorer. The game itself is pretty enjoyable, with all of the explosions and physics being appropriate. They do move the right way when hit and the fireworks that happens when a potent combo of explosive mines and magnetnoids makes great eye candy and entertainment.

However, the best part of the game for me is the ability to upgrade my weaponries. As each level passes by, your arsenal will be better and better but the levels will be harder and harder. Even though other games do hold the same concept, RoboFail’s level progression does not have a very steep learning curve, just right for casual players like me. Sounds in the game are also tuned to perfection; with every tune sounding like metal being crushed and destroyed, befitting the theme of Robots failing.

However, I believe one thing which everyone including myself wants are more weapons. More weapons will undoubtedly add to the variety of visuals and that will definitely equates to more fun. RoboFail is a great time killer for those who are travelling long distances and are great companions for kids and adults alike, so grab yours today at the app store. I guarantee it will change the way you look at games for the Android like never before.


  • Great Visuals and Effects
  • Sounds are excellent
  • Concept and physics are accurate
  • Smooth level progression


  • Need more tools to fight with robots

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

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