It is learnt that sometimes you’re a week behind on major project, and you got four hours of sleep. So when pure anxiety makes its presence known in your day, you know primarily why. But at other times, that tightness in your throat comes out of nowhere.

That’s why many people with anxiety find it helpful to keep a regular reminder, task, or idea ahead. Anyone who adores quality reminder, task, or idea app will surely enjoy what they experience in Noted app developed by Sumit Taneja that’s for sure.

Everything is wholly packed in this popular app with ton of salient aspects for users. Ever needed to quickly jot down a reminder, task, or idea? Noted is a simple, privacy-focused note-taking tool that lives in the macOS menu bar – just one click away.

Key Features of Noted app

  • It’s free and there are absolutely no ads for a limited time only
  • Super minimalistic design specifically developed for macOS Big Sur
  • It doesn’t take up a ton of valuable screen space
  • Always open and ready for you to jot down whatever is on your mind
  • Your notes will save even if you close the app, close your Mac’s lid, or restart your computer

Absolute Privacy

It is conveyed that no information leaves your Mac, meaning that neither Apple nor Noted’s developers will be able to see what you’ve written. All of your notes are stored locally; we don’t use servers or any back-end infrastructure. In short, Noted offers you complete privacy, no strings attached.


I’m a huge fan of this kind of genre, and Noted app developed by Sumit Taneja falls right into that best category. It’s been so effective and I can’t stop using it for all key purposes. So I recommend it for anyone who thoroughly enjoys privacy-focused note-taking tool app.