Finding the right keywords for your iPhone App may be a little harder than you had first imagined it to be. People originally think that the keywords for their iPhone app should match the function of their App. This is surely true as when people enter certain keywords, they are looking for a specific type of apps. But, deciding keywords only according to the type of apps is not enough. If a person would visit the iPhone app store, they would know that every time a specific keyword is entered, there are several corresponding apps that come up on the search results page. If you are looking for the right keywords for your iPhone app, it perhaps would not be too presumptuous to state that you wish to find those keywords that would place your app near the top of this search result list.

The question is, how can this be achieved? There is no sure shot way to tell that a particular keyword can place an app at the top of the search page. A common idea is that, if a person chooses a rather uncommon keyword, his or her app is more likely to be featured at or near the top of the list. Now, this is not completely wrong. But is the ideas one that will benefit the creator of the app? If you choose a keyword that is extremely uncommon, then surely there will be less competition in terms of apps with that particular keyword.

But, there is one more factor that has to be considered. A customer is much less likely to enter a particular keyword into the search bar, if it is very uncommon and unpredictable. This means, even though the competition is reduced, such a keyword cannot really be considered to be the right keyword for your iPhone app. So, in this article, let us explore some of the ways in which you may be able to find the right keywords for your iPhone app.

Right Keywords for Your iPhone App – How to Choose Them:

The first trick is to determine what keywords fit the nature and function of your iPhone app. This is probably the easiest part of choosing the right keywords for your iPhone app. Next, you have to find those keywords that will enable you to face as little competition as possible. There is an easy way to get this done. All you have to do is visit the iPhone app store. Now, you should enter the chosen keywords on the search tab and check how many results come out. Say, for a certain keyword you get more than 100 hits or returns. For another keyword for the same app, you get around 20. The second one would then be considered the better choice among the two.

This is because, provided the keyword is not too rare or complicated, it would mean that your app would face less completion from other similar ones in the market. To rank among the first few for a new app, if there are more than hundred or even 50 apps for the same keyword, is difficult to put it lightly. Instead, if you choose a keyword that will return only around 10 or 20 apps, the chances of your iPhone app being placed at the top of the search results list is much higher.

Another point that you can consider when looking for the right keywords for your iPhone app is that, the keywords field usually allows up to a hundred characters in the keyword only. So, in order to heighten the chances of your app being placed near the top of the search list, you should try to use the maximum number of letters possible. This will result is your app being ranked higher and as a result, more people are likely to click on it. Moreover, as most people would know, a person can use several keywords for a single app. So, while writing the keywords, you should not forget to place the commas between two different words. Otherwise, chances are that everything you write would be considered as a single keyword. Needles to say, this would lower your chances of being placed higher in search lists.


Though there is no hard and fast rule about choosing the right keywords for your iPhone app, the above are some of the tips that can help you make the choice. The other point that you have to remember is that it is not possible to change keywords whole your app is still featured in the app store. The only way you can revise your keywords is if you launch a new version of the same or if your app is taken down for some reason. So, in order to avoid unwanted mishaps, you should always double check on the spelling of every keyword before confirming them. This way you are more likely to come up with the right keywords for your iPhone app that would ensure that your app gets more clicks than any other.

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