Psychology is an academic study dealing with mental functions and behaviors of individuals or groups and that will provide many benefits to society. Many iPhone apps are available as handy nowadays that boost interest in psychology for all professional psychologists as well as enthusiasts. Two in one combination will help the society to get more benefits. Let us see some of the iPhone apps and their significance in the field of psychology.


This app is bundled with latest psychology news. It offers blog posts and common forum to share and argue individual’s views, All the topics are provided with excellent video/audio and tweets from great psychologists. It is developed by Michael Britt and cost is $2.99

Study Sets

Psychology study tool covers various topics like memory, bringing individual’s personality. In any iPhone app, search is the wonderful utility and in the Study Sets also a search utility as well available and it is used for searching a-z features of psychology. It is available as free for lite version and also in full version it is rated as $2.99

3D Brain

It is absolutely available as free and it is great wonder that exploration of brain can be viewed via touch screen. Name suggests that this app has excellent rotate and zoom facilities to learn about 29 distinct brain structures. Its specific feature helps one to understand the impact of brain damage, brain disorders and case studies.

Live Happy

As a behavioral tutor, this iPhone app can be used to develop new habits which help to gain self confidence and become energetic.. It costs at $9.99. Enthusiasts those who prefer to have it as total new atmosphere can be obtained by following this app.

Dream Psychology

It is always a great pleasure for all psychologists to study Sigmund Freud’s psychology. Now it is available handy via this app. It has salient feature of continuous playback of all chapters. Cost is affordable and it is $0.99 only.


Exam is a nightmare and Cram helps to overcome big psychology exams. Multiple choice practice tests are available in different patterns that help students to get in depth of each topic. It costs around $4.99

iStudiez Pro

Assignments are the new trends which make students to understand the topic to great extent. But at the same time that will make students to get burdened. Istudiez Pro app is a very useful assignment tracking tool and it organizes assignments, due dates and study schedules.


Everybody in this world live with goals. But people will try to move forward but again drop back. TraxItAll is a iPhone app helps for specific goal setting, creates motivation to the individuals, specific and excellent habits building.


We are living in the modern internet era and it is no wonder that entire world is watching the latest technology and everybody is using it time to time. Whenever a new trend comes, they are getting influenced among the public. Similarly iPhone apps also. As above said and few others are specifically meant as building blocks in terms of habit, goal setting, to study in depth the patterns of brain, we can eventually say that iPhone apps are good for Psychology students and enthusiasts. Whenever positive approaches are there in modern technologies, it will have its equal negative features as well. But students should overcome it by differentiating the good ones and bad ones. Moreover, as psychologist meant to study others and bring benefit to society, by utilizing positive aspects from the above said iPhone apps, they can make the highly beneficial society.

About The Author: Brianne Walter is a self-employed designer, illustrator & blogger. She loves writing, along with travelling. Blogging is her passion. These days she is working on Locals ranking tracker. Recently she did an article on Java applications.