When you have a small business of your own, the world looks like a place filled with many opportunities. Yet, due to the small size of your venture and the limited resources, you may feel like you are not able to fully tap into all those opportunities easily. This is something that most business owners feel, especially when they are in the startup and growing phase of the business or the enterprise. In order to run and grow your business successfully, you would need a number of tools at your disposal including CRM platforms and systems like Freshworks alternatives. 

So, what exactly does an alternative to Freshworks do and why do you need one. Freshworks is a CRM and marketing automation platform that was formerly known as Fresh Sales. Now, with the advent of all things digital, there has been an evolution of sorts in the tools that enable you to do your business in a faster and easier way – whether it is online or offline. And CRM platforms are the way to go about it. With Freshworks competitors like EngageBay and others, you have a chance to constantly rise above the competition and make a real dent in your niche thanks to data driven operations that would power your back end and empower your front end as well. 

Choosing the Right CRM

Now that we have understood what the alternative to Freshworks can actually do for your business, let us also understand how you can choose the right CRM and set it up exactly for the benefit of you business and the vision that you have for it. 

  • Revenue Generation: When you make an investment for your business, you would look at something called the ROI or the Return on Investment. In case of a Freshwork alternative, you are in luck since this niche of products more often than not offers a great return on invest or ROI. But for that to happen, you have to concentrate on choosing the platform that would be affordably priced and one which would have a number of wide ranging features as well. When you get this kind of value for money, your choice would also be rewarded with a great return on investment in the form of greater opportunities for easier revenue generation, meaning – conversions. 
  • Integration: This is one of the foremost questions that you would need to ask when you sign up for a CRM system or platform. It should be able to support your higher needs in the sense that it should offer you higher revenue generation along with integrations that would allow you to bring all your platforms and channels on this single platform or system. This would be highly beneficial since you would be able to invest once and get all your platforms and resources in the same place, rather than paying for each integration separately. Also, if integrations are not easy, then you would have to maintain subscriptions with multiple platforms for your varied needs which cannot be ignored. 
  • Automation: A good Freshworks alternativewould allow you to find plenty of scope for automation so that all the mundane tasks are taken care of. Yet, this should also have the scope for being personalized since every business and its vision is unique with unique needs for making a brand that every customer and prospect would recognize and recall. Therefore, the automation should be spread over the exact standards and needs of the business, rather than the business having to make do with the typical marketing automation features. You should be able to automate the things that you spend maximum time on and where there is scope for such standardization as well. 
  • Security: With any Freshworks alternative that you choose, you should be very mindful about the security aspect this can make or break your presence and change the game in case the system or the platform gets compromised. You should be able to get various layers of encryptions as well as the choice to give specified and limited access to various team members. This would keep everyone accountable and responsible when it comes to information that they might be handling individually, thus eliminating the chances of compromising the information in the first place. 

There are just a few things that you have to consider before you choose the right alternative to Freshworks. There are also the basic parameters based on which you can set up your CRM system. Now that we have discussed the same, let us have a look at the various Freshworks competitors who can take your business forward with the right combination of features, tools and the pricing model that they follow:

EngageBay: This one could easily be branded as the best Freshworks alternative since it offers all of the above mentioned functions along with features that go across many sales and marketing automaton needs. Plus, you get all this at a very affordable price point, which makes it all the more worthwhile. 

Nimble CRM: This platform mainly offers automation of the email marketing and lead generation side and it does not have a very affordable price point. 

Pipe Drive: This is also a well known system in the market, yet it is not very affordable and so it is not a good fit for small and upcoming businesses. 

Sales Flare: Sales Flare is an upcoming platform that helps you organize your sales funnel. Yet, it has limited functions with a high price point. 

Scoro: This is a new platform that offers you CRM and basic automation. But it is not very affordable as compared to the rest of the platforms discussed here. 

The above analysis shows that EngageBay could well be one of the best Freshworks alternatives since it offers a very wide range of functions for many business needs, and it does so at a very affordable costs that would pay off faster in the long run!