With so many apps on the market right now, it can be hard to find the right one. That’s why I have put together a list of the best apps to download for iPhone.

Download one of these apps and you won’t be disappointed.

Antimalware for iPhone

This app will give you peace of mind. Cybercriminals are using innovative ways to steal sensitive data by infecting mobile phones with malware. Take the necessary precautions and download an antivirus for iphone.

It will come with the following features;

Real-time protection; this is a useful feature that runs in the background of your iPhone scanning for malware such as viruses, Trojans, adware, spyware, etc. This app will be scanning your device before it starts. It will also scan your downloads and emails for malware.

·Malware protection; an antivirus will protect your vulnerable apps from potential threats.

Lightweight; the best antivirus app should be lightweight so you don’t feel it on your iPhone. The majority of antimalware apps are heavy;hence, they cause the system to slow down.

Google App

This is another must-have app for an iPhone. This app is safe and free to download. Use Google Chrome to search the internet. You can set it as your default browser. It also does more than browsing; will autofill passwords and payment information for your favorite sites.

This Company provides more apps such as Google Maps and Google Mail that you will find useful. They are all free.

Facebook App

This is a free app from the social networking category. It is one of the best apps to stay updated with the latest news, interact with your friends and family. Also, most companies use Facebook and other social apps to announce crucial information about their products and services.  

Facebook has an interface that is easy to use even for novice users. If you are a business person, you can create a Facebook group or page where you can connect with your fellow business people or use the features to promote your brand.


If you love surfing the web anonymously, you will need a good VPN app. It hides your IP address; hence, no one can tell your identity or know what you are doing online. It will enable you to escape data throttling and can access region-blocked content.

A VPN is a must-have app for people who care about their privacy online. Their locations and  search histories are hidden from internet service providers, internet browsers and companies that like to track people.

  Uber Eats

Order your favorite food from Uber Eats. You can access more than 100,000 menus and restaurants from this app across many cities and countries across the globe. It was launched by Uber in 2014.

Meals will be delivered to your door when you order it online from your favorite restaurant.

 Final Words

Basically, iPhone users are businessmen or professionals. Thus, the mentioned apps above are not only for saving time and a little bit of entertainment but also for security although the iPhone is already known for being good at keeping users secured. If you are an iPhone user, I hope that this blog will be useful in the long run.