So what is that word that brings a big innocent smile on a lady’s face? Shopping it is and is just the right way to spend some time with your friends while filling the drawers of your house. But it is not an easy task to find the missing used-up items and then create a long list. But the problem arises when items keep on adding up and you end up in an infinite loop of creating lists with a lot of cross-marks. Also, you have to run well inside that budget line to keep things going smooth and fine for the month. Not ready to handle it all, leave the job to Ultimate Shopping List.

Ultimate Shopping List is the ultimate conclusion of the above problem. The iOS app has been developed by Custom Mobile Apps and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and requires iOS 5.0 or later version. The app is both iOS 6.0 and iPhone 5 compatible. So what does the app serve for? It replaces the paper work you are tired of and also enables you to make multiple lists for different items with different labels as well. For example, groceries, clothes, stationary, etc. So, you can open any list with the requirement and start shopping saving ample amount of time. Also, it helps you to track your last purchase date along with the quantity consumed.

With Ultimate Shopping List, editing of lists is just like playing piano on your tips. You can directly add or delete items from the list. There are some pre-installed templates in the app as well that cover almost all of the common items that are generally used. Additionally, while shopping you can cross-mark all the items that have been bought to avoid any mistake of buying the same item again.

The app is very well designed and simple to use. The user interface is like a pen drive which can store data as well as can be formatted any time so that you can feed the next bit of information. Also, you get a notebook having unlimited no. of pages with neat and clean paper work. It is easy to navigate between different lists and equally easy to change them. With nice graphics, it is pretty suitable for basic purposes that a common housewife might be looking for.

However, with due regards to the functionality of the app, it do lacks certain quality features that pushes this app out of the competition. First, it lacks any internet support. So, most of the related features like cloud syncing, email sharing, price comparing are completely not applicable. Second, there needs to be an input for price of the item as well. That will help the consumer to calculate the expenses more readily and this feature could be added more readily as it only requires the support of a calculator (hope it isn’t a big task).

We liked the app for what it is. But it requires some more updates to cope with the market conditions.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

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