Photos deformation apps are a dime a dozen nowadays in the market. What sets Caricature Me Photo Deformer from other apps is their wide array of features and utility, like how you can save those funnily deformations as an animated GIFs. In the next few paragraphs, I will be explaining why Caricature Me is such a great Photo app for everyone, no matter young or old.

Opening up the 1.4 MB app, the app displays its main menu very fast. From there, you will be able to choose a photo that is already inside of your phone or capture one to do a caricature. From there, you will be able to choose how you want to change the faces. When you use the app to capture photos, the app will automatically recognize the face and focus it immediately, great for a group photo or a shot with scenery behind.

You can use their 1 tap service, meaning that the app will automatically help you make funny faces. However, if you love micro and macro, advanced manual services will be available to you too. Caricature Me also supports multi touch, meaning that you can have 2 or more fingers simultaneously on the screen, doing up your photos.

There are many tools for you to use. You can either enlarge or minimize that part of the face, or turn the part clockwise or anti clockwise. Seven tools exist for you to use and try, with 3 sizes to choose from, so take your time to tinker with them all. You can also undo the last action, meaning mistakes and botches can be easily fixed with the app.

I have had a lot of fun using this awesome app. It is very funny when you make your friend’s face much fatter than what it is or make his head bigger. Turning human faces are just 1 aspect of Caricature Me is only just 1 part of the whole app; you can test it on pets too. Uploading the photos on facebook had never been so easy. Just by pressing the F icon will redirect you to your facebook page and allow you to upload it there, enabling you to share the fun with everyone you know. Other forms of sending are also available, like through MMS, Email and more.

Even though there are annoying ads existing inside of Caricature Me Free, you can purchase the app as well; the Pro version which provides photo rendering, for greater picture quality. Despite this, I am still loving Caricature Me and the tons of fun it is giving to me every day when I take pictures with my friends and family. Their faces are priceless when I show them their deformed faces. This app deserves a 9/10 rating and it will be 10/10 for their Pro version.


  • 7 tools with 3 sizes
  • 1 tap service to make caricature
  • Advanced Manual Services for pros
  • Multi Touch


  • Ads in the free version

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

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