Do you write Journals while traveling to share them with the whole world? What kind of writing do you prefer? It may be a paper journal or a digital one! However, Paper journals take time to write in, you can’t carry them in your pocket and they are too inconvenient to keep. Moreover, you can’t add your beautiful photos and videos in a paper journal. But, on the other side an online journal app can do everything for you in the most convenient way. That online journal app is none other than Journo Travel Journal. Yes, this is the app which I’m talking about!

Whether you want to write it in your own way and share your journeys and experiences with our friends or anyone else, Journo app does anything for you! This app has been developed by Journo Inc. and has been updated on November 2, this year. The app requires iOS 9.0 or any later version of the OS in your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

To begin with Journo, you need to download the app app and start writing your stories. There are so many tools provided for you to immediately start writing your amazing story. You’ll be able to document your adventures, print your journals, publish them and much more that you can do with this app. There are many ways to write a journal such as classical writing, travel maps and photo books. You can include text, style, colors, drawings, images, videos and maps to treasure your memories in an interesting way.

With Journo, you can view and track your route on a custom designed map. For those beautiful landscapes, sunsets and other moments when words can’t express it, just capture those moments in your camera, add videos and images directly in your Journal. Moreover, you can tag them exactly where you took them. You can choose the signature ‘automagical layout’ feature of Journo and add the finishing touches, then send your Journal to print. You can create your own page after writing your Journal and publish it so that others can see and read without needing to download the app.

To see other people’s Journal, you can browse on the website.

In a nutshell, I would say that Journo is a brilliant app to write travel Journals online. Whether you and your hubby want to write down all the funny things the kids do or you and your friends want to keep a shared Journo of your travels, only Journo lets you collaborate in a shared Journo. You can use this app while being offline also.

So more people, more memories! Start writing and sharing your memories in the most amazing way ever!

You can download this app for absolutely free of charge and it offers you a 14-day free trial also. However, to avail extra features, you can subscribe as per the following packages-
@ $4.99 per month
@ $24.99 per 6 months
@ $34.99 per year
@ $89.99 for a lifetime subscription.

Get the app now!

Pros: write travel journals; add photos and videos; print your memories; easy and convenient to use; unique app; create your own page to publish journals; use offline; brilliant graphics and much more.

Cons: none.

Worth Having App – Download the App  – Official Website