Burgers and soft drinks typify what we view most of the first world countries. Almost everyone living in those first world countries would have eaten burgers at least once in their lifetime. This new game, Yummy Burger, borrows the concept of fast food and introduces it into their game, complete with finished visuals and great sound, to give universally everyone the joy of making digital burgers in their Android devices.

When you open this new and free application inside of your android device for the first time, you should be able to see 4 buttons, Play, Settings, Shop and More Apps. Most are self explanatory, but by clicking on the Play button, you will be able to access the game itself. The game goes like this: you will be serving your customers as a chef in the restaurant, and you will need to match their orders with what you are making. Many condiments are available, like bacon, patties and mayonnaise. A correct matching will make you money, while a wrong one will drive the customer away from your restaurant. Even though it is easy at the beginning, the stacking of burger get absurdly difficult as the game goes on. This means that you will need to maintain your concentration while playing. You will also lose the game when you get 3 wrongs, as evidenced by the 3 hearts on the top right of the screen.

Other than the story mode, you can play additional 5 game modes. For example, there is an Endurance Mode which allows you to play for a prolonged duration against the computer. This makes it value for money, although this great app is amazingly free. Social Media is a big part of everyone’s life now. It comes as no wonder that this app seamlessly integrates it into its system; allowing you to tweet or share on Twitter and Facebook respectively about the high scores which you’d got.

However, this game does seem much like a clone of other popular games out there in the Android Market, like Cake Mania, another great game. Cake Mania’s format heavily mirrors on Yummy Burgers and it might be less interesting and creative if you played Cake Mania before Yummy Burger. Another thing which I hate about Yummy Burger is their aesthetics. The customers and the main character (the chef) in the game feel butchered and facially disoriented. None of them feels consistent and the main character himself has an awkward and large smile which crept me out.

All in all, I feel that Yummy Burger is a great game, bar a few discrepancies in the graphics. If you are someone who loved Cake Mania and the likes, you will be sure to love this free and addictive game. I will give it a 4/5 and even more if they had refined their graphics further.


  • Great game play which progressively gets harder and harder
  • 6 game modes within the game for you to complete
  • Able to share scores with Social Media


  • Seems a lot like Cake Mania
  • Graphical representation of customers and chef is grossly inconsistent

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

Download Link :   Download the App Here