Slot Machines are a long time staple inside any casino, with it earning the casino’s majority of revenue. That is why Great Apps Ltd had developed this great new app for the Android market, called the Great Slot Machines. This game will allow users and players to play those traditional games of luck inside of their small Android devices, no matter where the players are. There are also no age restrictions meaning you can let your kids understand what a slot machine is even before they are old enough to enter a casino.

Unlike most other games available on the Android Market, Great Slot Machines have many types of game play for you to experience. After finishing loading the game, you will be able to see other various types of games, with the “Cowboy” version the one that is first unlocked. In order to unlock the other games, you will have to grow with level; easy as you can do that by playing more games. Japanese, Greek and other themes are available for you to unlock as you increase in level.

If you play the game every day of the week, you are entitled to an additional amount of 500 credits every day. Credits are used in the slots machines, where you will bet those virtual credits on them. If you would like, you can increase the number of lines you can command or up the ante to earn more credits from the game. The spinning animation is great. No lags or spikiness could be felt while playing and you can bet the same amount of credits and lines by using the “auto” button.

The “Pay Table” button inside of the game also explains clearly what each game provides. It explains the payout and how each game is different from each other, and how the winnings are calculated per different game. It even gives you the different variations of lines that you can win by. It is a truly great game, emulating how slot machines work inside big casinos.

If you happen to land “Bonus” 5 times in a row, you will be entitled to play in the bonus game. Bonus games differ from each game type, but the cowboy version allows you to shoot bottle of liquor in order to gain more credits. This is uncannily similar to “Pharaoh’s Fortune”, a slot machine game which I had played in a casino.

However, a bad thing about this game is that if you do not have enough credits, you will either need to purchase using real currency from the game or wait another day. This could lead to a big loss of physical money in the long run. Another thing is that this game has no age restrictions; kids may pick this game up and learn gambling very early on in their life, corrupting their minds thinking that gambling is benign and not harmful.


  • Many game themes, with great spinning animations
  • Clear instructions
  • Great in emulating a regular slot machine


  • To gain more credits, you will need to buy using real life currency or wait another day

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

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