You must have “tank battles” in your childhood. It’s still considered as one of the greatest and popular games. Gameplay was interesting and there was a suspense that remained alive during the course of the game. Today we have one such game in our store which resembles the same but is far different. I am talking about “Cosmo Battles Free” which is an Android app. It is a space ship battle similar to tanks battle but there’s obviously going to be lot of differences from the one we had in the past. This time, we have space marines in place of tanks, the battlefield is different and the game is never going to be that simple as before.


The app has been developed by and is compatible with all the devices running Android 2.1 or later version of the OS. You can find the app in the action & arcade category. The app counts around 34MB on the size meter and is surely a worth download.

It is a turn based strategy game where you and your enemy get the opportunity to attack each other one by one. The player who damages more is the winner. But there is a lot more than just attacking the opponent. You have to actually explore the location which can be an asteroid, a comet or the space station. While exploring if you confront opponent’s Space Marines, then attack them.


There are about 20 challenging missions that you’ll be awarded and you can choose any difficulty level from easy to hard. As you’ll progress, you’ll have to make sure that your space marines are up to the mark and upgraded to the latest specs so that they can face the opponent marines. Also, there are 6 types of combat units including Scott Unit, Heavy Tank, Light tank, Assault Unit, etc. You’re not just attacking anything but completing your missions and moving ahead to the next location much like an actual battle so that you know what you’re headed for.


The graphics are really amazing and the comet location was the best for me. I really liked the way the tanks shot. There were like 5 to 6 bullets coming out and converging at the target. It was really a move of a Hollywood flick and something different from straight shots was seen. A win is really not everyone’s piece of cake and you’ll have to struggle hard to defeat your opponent. Then there are many achievements for you to unlock as well that keep you motivated.


The app is available for free in the Android Play Store. However there is a paid version also available for $1.99. The app matches the standards set on the Android platform by great games like Temple Run, Angry Birds, etc. So I would definitely like you to install the app now. You’ll definitely like it!

Pros: amazing graphics; interesting story; addictive gameplay;  numerous achievements to unlock; free.

Cons: none.

App Rating :  *  *  *  *

Download the App Here