Tic Tac Toe had been a staple in everybody’s childhood, with the game being easily understood. You will not need much, just a pen and paper for you to draw the game on. You can even play it on sand; a great pastime on the beach. However, Tic Tac Toe has lost its beauty throughout the years, with more opting to play with their smart phones and such. However, TicToe Fury, a new game designed by wOzy for the iTunes Store aims to revolutionize how we see tic tac toe in the modern day.

If you are familiar with tic tac toe, then you will know the rudimentary instructions of TicToe Fury; win by aligning your selected symbol in a straight line to win. You will be pitted against an opponent, who will aim to do the same. However, TicToe Fury introduces a strategic element to the age old game by introducing a bigger game field; now you will have fields within fields. For example, if you want to win such a game, you will have to win the battle inside of each square; not simple feats as you have to plan your moves far ahead.

The Multiplayer element also exists within this great game. There are 2 options if you want to play with your friends. First, you can take turns using the same device; not preferable as it is very cumbersome to play a stretched game like that. Secondly, you can connect to Game Center and play from there if your friend has any iOS devices like the iPad or iPhone.

Achievements are also an integral part in any game. TicToe Fury is not lacking of them either. There are 30 achievements for you to accomplish, ranging from easy ones to very difficult ones, giving you great replay value. The graphics existing in TicToe Fury are also something to behold. The background is of a polished teak feel with a paper playing field which allows players to reminisce the old days. You can also change the color of your symbols, from light colors like yellow to brighter ones like purple.

Support for the game is great, with a website catered to answering your questions at http://wozy.co/tictoefury/about.html. Another great aspect is their tutorial system, explaining the simple game to those befuddled or the kids.


Even though past versions contain many bugs, like the Game Center not recognizing the achievements and that the resetting of statistics does not work properly, the new and improved version 2.0 fixes all of these bugs to bring to you a great game with infinite replay value.

By buying 1 version of TicToe Fury, you will be able to access it through all platforms, no matter whether it is the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.


  • Innovative change from original Tic Tac Toe
  • You can play with friends seamlessly
  • Achievements and graphics will keep you playing for very long

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

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