I am a fan of competitive games. There is not a single second for relaxing your nerves because if you do, you’ll end up restarting your journey. Games are meant for fun and there’s nothing better than a continuous suspense on what’s next! Obstacles keep coming your way anonymously and this journey is more difficult than driving a car whole night. There are many games in this genre that have achieved a cult status and are among the top downloads in your App Store. Some of them are Temple Run, Subway Surfers, etc. However, the game we’re going to talk about was not originally an Android app but rather released on Facebook and with over 6 million active users achieved on that platform, the 16 year old developer has finally released the app on Android platform.


The game I’m talking about is Stick Run Mobile. The app has been developed by Nekki GmbH. The app is compatible with all the devices running Android 1.5 or any later version of the OS. There are lots of differences between a Facebook app and an Android one. So obviously there were many difficulties for the developers to provide the same level of gaming to the users. Let’s check out if they have succeeded in their attempt or not.

The gameplay is very addictive and competitive. You, as the player, have to keep running while avoiding all the obstacles. There is no stop and the obstacles may range from walls of crates to sharp saw blades that will not take more than a second to finish your game. Though this is just a game, you’ll have to take as much caution as it’s worth a life of yours. The experience reaches the peak when you get to play a multiplayer game. If you ever had a fast race with your friends, believe me this is that much exciting and breath-taking.


The graphics are brilliant and there’s no denying that they are as much sharp and clear as the Facebook edition. The UI is also pretty simple and the developers have brought you the same thrill on a new device. The two thumbs controls make it super easy for you to control your player. You can also customize your avatar. You can change his eyes, hands, mouth, head, feet, etc. This is really great as you don’t have to compromise with an ugly dude with no expression at all as if you are ‘walking a dead’. Also, the backgrounds can also be changed and I really liked the clean design.

The app is available for $1.99 in the Android Play Store. It’s really worth the price. However, if you still feel insecure about your money, you can try the game on Facebook and you can himself judge if you want the game or not.

Pros: amazing graphics; two-thumb controls; multiplayer option; fast paced game; wide range of obstacles.

Cons: none.

I will give this app 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Download the App :   For iOSFor Android