Personally speaking, I am a fan of puzzles and word plays. I always like to tease my mind with some mind boggling equations no matter what type of they are. Word games are the best in this field. Take it to be Scrabble or take a portion of a rap from a renowned artist like Jay Z or Eminem, you’d find some interesting concepts being played out. But when these word equations are mixed with challenging gameplay, games like Hangman result. If you have ever played Alien or Hangman, you’ll probably know what I’m talking about. In alien, you have to guess a word belonging to a particular category. Whenever you guess a wrong word, a part of the alien hangs to the rope. There are 5 chances after which the complete alien is hanged and the game is over. A similar game is now available on your Android Smartphone. Let’s check it then.


I am talking about the new Android app, Wordsplosion that has been developed by Concrete Software. The app is compatible with all Android devices running Android 2.2 or later version of the OS. The app is very similar to Alien or Hangman but still can be considered as a fresh arrival in the market. There are many reasons for that. Let’s discuss them one by one.


The game consists of only five letter words. There is no particular category or related field but just the first letter is given. You have to guess the remaining words. When you enter a word and it’s wrong, it will turn red. However, if you guess a word and place it wrong, you’ll be notified that the letter is correct but has been placed wrong. There are total five chances of survival. If you guess the word right before that, you’ll proceed to the next word.


The game may sound difficult at the start but you’ll gradually adapt to the situation. There are many lives and hints given to you which may help you to score better. The graphics and the animations of the game are very astonishing and lively and present the app as a package not a seldom puzzle. The sounds are also cherishing and the game displays wide variety of sounds for wrong or correct words, loss, win, etc. So, the overall game value increases and it appears to be a collective effort from the developers.

Though the game is strong built and attractive, I found many flaws that could have been removed. First, there are only five letter words. It’s true that the game covers almost all the five letter words found in the dictionary, but still there could have been different levels with different word lengths. We can hope for this feature to be added later. Second, the letters should be divided according to categories. Otherwise, it’s a mere guess-game rather than actual thinking process. Also, the game is ad-supported and full of them.


The game is available for free in the Play Store. However, if you want the ad-free version, you may download the paid version worth $2.99 via in-app purchase. I recommend the game to everyone.

Pros: amazing graphics and animations; addictive gameplay; huge amount of words; free.

Cons: difficult for beginners; only five letter words; ad supported.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

Download the App Here